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Grummy aka Chris: Where is the Dance Monsters Season 1 winner now?

December 31, 2022

Since its premiere, Netflix’ Dance Monsters has taken the world of dance reality shows by storm. The combination of incredible performances with high-quality CGI and state-of-the-art motion capture technology has delighted fans around the world and made them wonder what the judges will actually see during filming. Also, Dance Monsters Season 1 introduced some interesting characters, including Grummy: the dancing mummy; Marsha: the graceful marshmallow; and Hammer: a friendly hammerhead shark. With Grummy finally crowned the winner, fans are dying to know where Grummy actor Chris Matesevac is now. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answers!

Chris Matesevac’s Dance Monsters Journey

When Chris first appeared on Dance Monsters, he claimed he had never won anything in his life and always had low self-confidence, even though others saw greatness in him. In fact, Chris discovered his passion for dance at an early age, but soon fell into a financial crisis that forced him to give up the art. As a result, he was forced to take a job at a museum against his will, and since this job required long hours, Chris was unable to work on his goal of becoming a professional dancer. But things started to get better when Netflix invited him to join Dance Monsters, and Chris was only too happy to accept this life-changing opportunity.

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Arriving on the show, Chris wowed the judges with his incredible talent and style. Not only was he proficient in all types of dance, but he was also technically gifted and could perform difficult and dangerous stunts with ease. Of course, the judges appreciated this quality and explained that while many could pull off such stunts, Chris was one of the few who could pull them together into a fantastic performance.

In the semifinals, each contestant was given a different superpower, and Chris gained the ability to become an oversized version of himself. His execution of this ability was also quite unique, but the judges, who expected nothing but the best at this point in the competition, weren’t impressed. Despite claiming that Chris could have done better, they eventually let him finish in the top four, knowing he had something better up his sleeve. So Chris stepped up his game in the finale and showed a choreography in which he lived out his dream of starring in his own film. With that performance, he easily made the top two, and after defeating Tyler, aka Chester, in the final dance-off, Chris was crowned the winner.

Where is Chris Matesevac now?

On the show, Chris spoke about his experiences, mentioning that Grummy helped him embrace his unique qualities and develop a sense of self-confidence. Additionally, he was delighted with the prize money as it would help him focus on a career as a professional dancer. Chris currently resides in New York City, New York, and it looks like he’s put the museum job on the rearview mirror. While currently pursuing a dance career, Chris also mentioned that he has numerous plans for exploring new styles and can’t wait to share his ideas with the world. Readers will also be pleased to learn that the professional dancer is happily engaged to Christine Sienicki and wants to use his fame as a platform to help others achieve their dreams. It’s amazing to see Chris’ success and we hope he continues to be lucky.