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Girls Incarcerated Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

December 28, 2021

While you always have to be ready to face the consequences of your actions, life behind bars can be quite a challenge, especially for teenagers. Netflix has decided to take its viewers through the nuances of incarceration in Girls Incarcerated. The series documents the lives of several teenage inmates in juvenile detention centers in the United States. With Season 1 focused on inmates at the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility in Madison, Indiana, fans are pretty curious about where the cast is currently located. Well, we have answers ready!

Where is Brianna Guerra now?

On the series, Brianna was featured as a seventeen-year-old inmate jailed for alcohol use, armed robbery, and substance abuse. As the season progressed, we saw Brianna work on herself and transform her life to have a better future. She even struggled to become someone her family could be proud of and was paroled. However, the broadcast said she was temporarily detained for violating probation about a month after she was released.

Right now, Brianna appears to have had a wonderful life outside of prison and is surrounded by loved ones. She is the proud mother of son Cartier, whom she shares with Cortez. Although her child’s father is not often featured on her social media, it appears that Brianna has adopted parenthood and will have two children in 2022. Brianna also runs a very successful YouTube channel where she keeps her fans up to date about her life.

Where is Paige McAtee now?

When Paige first appeared on the show, she was quite irascible and had trouble keeping herself under control. She even had a constant feud with fellow prisoner and teammate Heidi Lakin, and the two never came to an agreement. However, like most of the other documented inmates, Paige began to improve and control her problems. Her determination to do better made her a fan favorite, and as the season progressed, she even witnessed her building bridges with Heidi.

Currently, Paige seems to be in a lovely relationship with her boyfriend and has the full support of her family behind her. She is the proud mother of two wonderful children and is also quite close to her boyfriend’s children from a previous relationship. Plus, Paige is now employed as a dental assistant, and it’s nice to see how she managed to change her life for the better.

Where is Heidi Lakin now?

The show was about Heidi Lakin’s terrible childhood, when she was sexually and physically abused as a child. Her horrific past left a deep mark on her psyche and created problems that landed her in jail. Throughout the season, she struggled with anger management issues and even faced a postponed discharge.

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Photo credit: Heidi Lakin / Facebook

But Heidi never gave up and continued to work towards a better future. She even made friends with her archenemy Paige and looked forward to a wonderful life after her release. The state records show that Heidi was released from juvenile prison, but was later arrested again and was repeatedly imprisoned. Although she appears to be out of jail at the moment, she prefers privacy and stays away from the public.

Where is Aubrey Wilson now?

Aubrey Wilson was jailed for substance abuse, and the broadcast documented her completing a substance abuse program in the juvenile detention center. She successfully battled her problems and was completely drug-free when she was released. However, Aubrey’s difficult relationship with her mother weighed heavily on her and was an obstacle that she tried to overcome.

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Photo credit: Aubrey Wilson / Facebook

Following her release, which was documented on the broadcast, Aubrey apparently returned to Portage, Indiana, where she still resides to this day. Plus, Aubrey appeared to be reconciled with her mother, but was devastated when she went to heaven in 2021. Now that Aubrey is surrounded by loved ones and leading a decent life, we wish her all the best for years to come.

Where’s Taryn Twine now?

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Photo credit: Taryn Twine / Facebook

Taryn was involved in a terrible car accident that resulted in the death of her best friend and her imprisonment. One of the show’s most well-behaved inmates, Taryn became popular with fans, and viewers wished that she would have a better life after she was released. Taryn now lives in Vancouver, Washington, and enjoys life with her family and loved ones. She is also in a happy relationship with her partner, and in September 2021 the two announced they wanted to become parents.

Where is Armani Buckner now?

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Photo credit: Armani Buckner / Facebook

Armani Buckner’s relationship with Alexis Miller helped her gain popularity on the show. In fact, Armani worked hard to change, hoping to change her life after being released. However, since then it seems like the couple have gone their separate ways. Today she lives in Evansville, Indiana.

Where is Sarah Maxwell now?

As seen on the show, Sarah had a difficult childhood as her mother repeatedly had to foster her because of her drug addiction. She has since harbored a deep dislike for her mother and developed problems that led to her imprisonment. Still, Sarah knew she had to strive for a better future, and her determination to turn her life around earned her the support of her fans.

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Photo credit: Sarah Maxwell / Facebook

Sarah currently resides in Muncie, Indiana and leads a better life surrounded by friends and loved ones. Although her relationship status appears to be single on social media, Sarah announced that she will become a mom in December 2021.

Where is Najwa Pollard now?

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Much like some of theirs Najwa also had a difficult childhood with fellow campaigners, because the program mentioned that her father was abusing her. Although she was detained for drug abuse and successfully completed the program, Najwa was forced to stay behind as she had no family to release to. Unfortunately, when it comes to her personal life, Najwa is very reserved and stays away from social media. Still, she seems to have earned her release and is doing fine, according to a 2018 tweet from social services advisor Jacie Minnick.