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Girls’ Generation Comeback: Sooyoung talks about her upcoming full album

July 5, 2022

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was a guest on TVN story talk show Take Care of Me This Week on Monday July 4th to talk about the girl group’s long-awaited comeback. The eight-piece girl group is now gearing up for their much-anticipated return to celebrate their 15th anniversary since their debut.

Aside from the girls’ return, Sooyoung also offered advice for her juniors in the business and talked about the rising Korean stars in Hollywood. So are the fans ready for the comeback of Girls’ Generation?

The show’s host Sung Dong II asked the 32-year-old star about the last year her group made a comeback. It’s been five years since Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun released an album as a full group.

Now she said they are returning with a full-length album and confirmed they will be releasing a studio album in August, like AllKpop reported. The girls are currently working on their comeback and will even have their own reality show, SoShi Tam Tam.

On the show, she also spoke about being financially independent and revealed that she realized the money she was making before she turned 30 wasn’t her own. She believed she only deserved it through luck, but now that she’s 32, she sees the value even more.

soompi according to her, she advised her younger classmates to become financially and emotionally independent a little earlier or at a younger age. She explained that when they started promoting in the entertainment industry at a young age, they didn’t know what independence meant.

They didn’t know each other yet and time flew by. That’s why you really have to make time for yourself, she said.

Later, Sooyoung, Sung Dong II and another host, Go Chang Suk, spoke about the rise of Korean actors in Hollywood. She said Go Chang had the right look for romance drama, so Sung Dong asked him if he would be willing to shave if he got an offer to cast in a series.

I could shave all the hair on my body, he replied, making everyone laugh. However, the Girls’ Generation member insisted that he can’t shave because that’s what makes him so charming, and revealed that she likes men with facial hair.

Sung Dong II then spoke about her longtime boyfriend, Jung Kyung Ho, saying he knows someone who doesn’t have facial hair. Since Sooyoung immediately guessed who he was referring to, she replied with a laugh and asked: Aren’t they usually the opposite (of the ideal type)?

Fans will soon be able to see Girls’ Generation’s upcoming seventh album when it comes out in August.