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‘Ghost Doctor’ star Rain hints at upcoming international project

February 23, 2022

After Ghost Doctor, fans may see Rain in an international project if one can go after its reveal. The 39-year-old star revealed he would be doing an American project, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Raid did an interview with Star News to discuss the ending of his tvN drama Ghost Doctor. While talking about his life as an actor and singer, he suddenly revealed his plans for his next project in the US.

Kim Tae Hee’s husband mentioned that he has a project overseas. In 2019, after his stint with MBC’s Welcome 2 Life, he auditioned for a new project in the US, but was denied entry due to the global health crisis, according to AllKpop.

However, two years later and with restrictions easing, he said confidently that he is currently talking about those projects. Therefore he has a good feeling that he will sign the contract soon.

If we talk about his career, many people know that Rain started out as a singer. At that time he thought that there were limits to his profession.

Luckily the concept had changed. Although he is now a year away from turning 40, he still wanted to dance well, so he controlled his diet and wanted to exercise.

Rain also admitted that he’s not a naturally funny person and can’t make people laugh. So he thanked everyone who helped him break into the entertainment scene. He’s now looking forward to appearing on a variety program, although he’s not quite so confident just yet.

Looking back at the beginning of his career, the The Hungry and the Hairy star started out as a member of the boy band Fanclub. However, the group broke up due to the lack of commercial success, as reported by Pinkvilla.

Nonetheless, Rain rebranded himself and debuted as a solo artist with his first solo album, Bad Guy. Here he introduced himself as Rain and the rest was history.

He began topping the music charts, doing concert tours and releasing more albums. His career took off and he became famous both in Asia and abroad.

But his K-drama, Full House, opposite Song Hye Kyo, sealed Rain’s success as an actor. He rose to prominence as a pan-Asian star and continued to direct series-to-series films.

He even made films in Hollywood. So after Ghost Doctor, fans will see more of Rain in the future.