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G-Dragon shares cryptic posts: fans torn between whether he’s going through something or alluding to new song lyrics

June 30, 2022

G-Dragon shared a series of cryptic posts on Instagram that worried fans. Since he seemed to be complaining about life, others believed it could be a reference to his new song or album.

It has long been rumored that G-Dragon will be making a solo comeback following the release of Big Bang’s latest song Still Life. So is this just a hint of his return?

In the first photo, the King of K-Pop appeared to be making fun of himself. He used a lettuce hat filter and decorated his background with a picture of broccoli and a drawing of clouds and rain.

In the second snap, the rapper sported a melancholy expression and revealed the time it was taken: 6:39am. Was he back in a studio at that time?

But the photos that worried fans the most were the ones with the cryptic captions. He wrote that he wanted a refund for life as it was so different from what he thought it would be like Koreaboo translated.

Fans have mixed reactions to this and can’t help but wonder if he’s going through something. However, some believe that it could be the lyrics to G-Dragon’s new song.

His previous posts seemed to indicate that he was working on new music. On June 22, he shared a picture of himself wearing headphones and staring straight at the camera with intense eyes

The snap also included the time it was taken, 4:33 a.m., the words On Air, and singing emoticons. He also posted a picture of the recording and mixing.

pinkvilla noted that YG Entertainment previously said his talents are always working on an album. So when it finally happens, it will be the first time he will release new music five years after the release of Kwon Ji Yong in 2017.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is not only a K-pop idol and a member of Big Bang, but also a fashion icon. In fact, he has once again amazed everyone with his style, as can be seen in the photos uploaded by his acquaintances.

A netizen created a post on Jun 25 titled G-Dragon’s outfit in today’s photos is as pretty as AllKpop revealed. The post featured multiple snaps of the singer, from a red cardigan and baggy pants to a pair of brightly colored shoes and statement accessories.

In other snaps, he wore a black beanie, sunglasses and a trendy black jacket. Being a fashion designer himself, G-Dragon proved that he can wear anything and still look stylish.