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G-Dragon Comeback Rumors: Big Bang member appears to be hinting at a return in an Instagram post

June 23, 2022

G-Dragon appears to be hinting at his solo comeback after posting a photo on Instagram. The Big Bang member appears to be in a studio working on something he hasn’t revealed. So is it new music?

In the snap, G-Dragon can be seen with headphones recording and producing music in his studio at 4:33am. As expected, when fans saw the post, they were quick to guess what the picture meant.

The 33-year-old’s followers suspected that he wanted to hint at his solo comeback with his post. When a fan shared the snap to an online community, the poster said he thinks he’s working on the second half, so AllKpop.

It’s been a while since the K-pop giant uploaded a spoiler like this photo in public. As many have been waiting for his comeback, the wait could soon be over.

In a discussion Pann Nate one fan said he will make good on his promise to his fans to make a comeback soon. It had been five years since he delighted his followers with his solo album Kwon Ji Yong in 2017.

Comments then vary from calling G-Dragon’s songs legendary to waiting for the love songs he has to offer this time. I’m so excited about this said another. Others argue that he will make a comeback and start a tour in August.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol has a few other ventures alongside his successful music career. Noisy Rolling Stone he has a successful sneaker release with Nike.

He is also a key figure in the art world as a collector, along with fellow big bang TOP His long-awaited return also came as he reunited with the rest of the group members.

In April the guys released the song Still Life, which shows where the band is right now. They also made sure the song is something their longtime fans can relate to.

The lyrics Goodbye now to my beloved young days and I keep remembering those glorious and loving days take fans back to when they burst onto the music scene in the late 2000s when they were getting started.

More than 15 years later, G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang and Daesung have become more introspective. They also seem content with where they are today and with everything they have achieved in their fruitful careers.

TOP can even be heard singing that he now wants to bury all the trauma of the past few nights and swears that he will change more than before to become a good person. If the news of G-Dragon’s solo comeback is true, he’ll be like TOP, who is also reportedly working on his return.