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Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

April 18, 2021

Based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya, “Fruits Basket” is an animated supernatural “romance” series. She tells the story of a kind and compassionate orphan, Tooru Honda, who discovers that Yuki Souma, a popular boy from his school, and several other members of his family transform into animals representing the Chinese zodiac as soon as they get excited. or hugged by a member of the opposite sex. This is due to an ancient and dark curse. Tooru then begins living with the Zodiacs and promises them that he will help them break the curse.

The series first aired on April 6, 2016. Season 3 of “Fruits Baskets” or “Fruits Basket: The Final” officially premiered on April 6, 2021 in Japan and other parts of the world. However, Season 3 Episode 1 premiered in Japan on March 13, 2021 and on Funimation on March 19, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the next episode of the series.

fruits basket season 3 episode 3 release date

Episode 3 of season 3 of “Fruits Basket,” titled “Hope it Snow Soon,” will air on April 20, 2021 on TV Tokyo, TVO, TVA, and AT-X. Studio TMS Entertainment (‘Dr. Stone’) developed the anime in collaboration with its subsidiary 8PAN. Yoshihide Ibata directed the third and final season of “Fruits Basket,” with Taku Kishimoto as the lead writer. Yuu shindou drew the characters and Masaru Yokoyama composed the music. WARPs UP performed the opening song, “Pleasure”, while GENIC performed the closing song, “Haru Urara”.

Where to watch season 3 of Fruits Basket online?

Subscribers to Funimation can watch the dubbed version of the season 3 episodes of “Fruits Basket” on the platform the same day they air in Japan. Viewers can watch season 3 on Crunchyroll with the original Japanese version and English subtitles. animelab broadcasts the episodes for its viewers in Australia and New Zealand. Scandinavian viewers will be able to watch the episodes on Wakanim with Japanese sound and English subtitles. The episodes with German, French and Russian subtitles will also be available on Wakanim. The episodes with Portuguese and Spanish subtitles will be available on Funimation. English dubbed and subtitled versions of “Fruits Basket” seasons 1 and 2 are available on Hulu.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers

Episode 2 begins with a flashback to Shigure and Akito’s younger years. When Akito asks Shigure if he loves her, he answers yes, saying that it is an unshakable truth. In the present, Akito continues to live with Kureno, keeping him close to her to hide from the other Zodiacs that his curse has been broken. As the graduation ceremony approached, Tooru’s class was tasked with making the paper flowers. Girls from other classes steal the ones that Yuki and Kyou made. Arisa leads the class effort to convince the girls to forcibly make replacement flowers.

Tooru tries to tell the other Zodiacs that Kureno is freed from the curse, but fails. However, it is revealed that Shigure had a hunch about it. He and Kureno are chatting on the phone, Kureno unsuccessfully tries to convince the other man not to remove Akito from his life.

Later, Akito and Shigure meet. Shigure reveals that he slept with his mother just to get revenge for his sexual relationship with Kureno. Akito is shocked to realize that Shigure blames him for what happened. She still fervently believes that she can do anything with the Zodiacs because they belong to her. When Shigure is about to leave, she kisses him, noting that even though she tries to hide her femininity, she still uses it as a weapon against him. The episode ends when they make love.

In Episode 3, Kureno’s secret could be known to other Zodiacs when Shigure received his confirmation. Akito could go back to Kureno as she isn’t ready to give him up yet. Tooru was able to muster up enough courage to tell Kyou what he learned from Kureno. Yuki and Machi could get even closer.