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Foundation episode 10 release date, spoilers, and episode 9 recap

November 12, 2021

Foundation fans prepare to Foundation Episode 10, the latest installment from this sci-fi drama series.

Foundation Episode 9 was packed with mind-blowing reveals, setting the scene for an equally exciting final episode.

Now we know much more about Azura, the palace gardener, and we are enlightened about the fate of Phara, the great hunter. We have also found out where ghost ship, Invictus, landedand much more in Foundation Episode 9.

Read on to learn more about Foundation episode 10.

Foundation Episode 10
Foundation Still (via Apple TV +)

Foundation episode 10 release date and where to watch it?

Foundation Episode 10 will be released on Apple TV + upon November 19, 2021, to 3 a. M. ET.

New episodes covering approximately 55 minutes they are released each Friday.

Fans can also take advantage of Apple TV + ‘s seven-day free trial to watch Foundation episode 10.

What to expect from episode 10 of Foundation?

Foundation Episode 10 It has been titled “the Jump. “

Foundation Episode 10 is meant to end in a climactic moment, paving the way for a second season. However, we can expect some of the questions to be answered in Episode 10 of Foundation.

We will come to know how the mathematician, Dr. Hari Seldon, appeared inside the Vault and what will be his next step to save the galaxy.

The fate of Gaal, who is on a 138-year journey to his home planet, Synnax, is still unknown. In episode 10 of Foundation, we could get to know what finally happens to him.

Foundation Episode 10
Foundation TV Show Still (via: Apple TV +)

Upon his return to Trantor, Brother Emperor’s Day You are bound to make some crucial decisions in Foundation Episode 10.

The fate of Brother dawn, who concealed his imperfection and tried to flee, lies in the hands of Brother Day. Brother Day will also surely execute Azura, who turns out to be a traitor.

With Salvor With control of the legendary warship Invictus, as well as all three races, this planet Terminus, which is at the outer helm of the galaxy, has now become an intimidating force that can challenge the tyranny of the Galactic Empire.

Foundation episode 9 recap

Episode 9 of the Foundation has been titled “The First Crisis. “

In Foundation Episode 9, we find that due to Lewis pirenneThe Sacrifice, which was plugged into the Invictus warship system to save others, manages to reach above Terminus.

Salvor sets out to explore a nearby ship, where he finds Hugo. There is a joyous reunion of Hugo and Salvor. They reach the surface of Terminus, finding everyone. unconscious and with a bleeding nose.

Foundation Episode 10
Foundation TV Show Still (via: Apple TV +)

They find that the Vault has engulfed the entire planet Terminus within its null field. Salvor uses Gaal’s memories through Seldon Psychohistory Module to deactivate the Vault.

What happens on Trantor in episode 9 of Foundation?

Elsewhere, Brother Dawn, realizing that his imperfection is no longer a secret, try to escape through the hidden path that Azura had shown him.

At the bottom of the irrigation system, Brother Dawn reaches the lower rungs of Trantor, a place completely different from his palace. Here, he meets Azura, who takes Brother Dawn home.

There, at your bigger impact, Azura knocks him down. Azura had been part of a decade old rebel anti-empire group that he had altered Brother Dawn’s DNA prior to his birth, which was the cause of his color blindness.

The conspirators had hoped all along that due to this anomaly, someday Brother Dawn would have to flee for his life, and then they could extract his imperial nanobots.

The rebels had built a Cleon Clone using these nanobots that Azura had smuggled for them. The clone was supposed assume the identity of brother Dawn and rule the Empire one day.

To Brother Dawn’s relief, Brother Dusk comes to his rescue with Imperial soldiers who crush the conspirators, as well as the false Cleon. Brother Dusk arrests Azura.

Explanation of the end of episode 9 of Foundation

Meanwhile, Salvor is able to deactivate the vault. The Vault’s black shell dissolves into a portal. Phara makes an appearance and attempts to destroy the Vault by shooting him, but Salvor manages to kill Phara.

Bring the three races, the Thespian’s allies, the Anacreontes, and members of the Foundation together.

Then all of a sudden Hari Seldon exits the portal.. It could mean that Hari Seldon’s plan has finally worked. It could be his second Foundation plan, which he was unwilling to divulge in front of Gaal.

Uniting the three races and successfully transporting his psychohistory module to Terminus brings Hari Seldon one step closer to saving the galaxy.