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Former AOA member Mina speaks out again about bullying incident after Jimin returns to social media

February 10, 2022

Former AOA member Mina is back. After Jimin returned to the social media world to share a new song with her fans, the controversial artist is opening up again about her bullying incident.

Jimin is back in business and some netizens believe that Mina will start talking about the incident between them again. True to her guess, the singer-actress did just that, posting a netizen’s direct message to her on the matter.

AllKpop noted that the netizen asked the 28-year-old star why she lied about what really happened between her and Jimin. The netizen went on to say that she trusted and even sympathized with what she said.

However, she noticed that Mina’s mental state had deteriorated, so she hoped Mina could get treatment. She added that she used to be their fan but will be stepping back from it from now on.

Mina then spoke again about the alleged bullying she was subjected to. She even stressed that she didn’t lie about it.

I explained the earlier situation, but again I was not believed, she said. When Dispatch revealed the transcript and text details she had with Jimin, she felt it was strategically uncovered.

Although she knew cursing was wrong, she said she had reasons and remembered everything. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder why she had to be put down after trying so hard.

First off, according to Soompi, Dispatch released a detailed account of the conversation between current and former AOA members. In July 2020, Mina claimed that she was molested for years by the group’s leader, Jimin, after they hugged at her father’s funeral service in April of the same year.

Therefore, many were surprised when Mina made this revelation and posted an anti-Jimin post. Jimin denied the claims, but Mina continued to write about the matter.

Mina even revealed that other AOA members came to her house to discuss the matter. Jimin was even with them at the time.

After that meeting, Jimin made a statement to apologize to Mina on Instagram. However, Mina made her own post to deny that Jimin had apologized.

That same day, Jimin left AOA and the entire entertainment industry and stopped responding to Mina’s claims. As it stands, nothing is settled between the two as Mina continues to make claims about Jimin and the alleged bullying she experienced during her time as an AOA member.