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Fans see another song Hye-Kyo in this new K-drama

December 2, 2021

Song Hye-kyo may still be busy with her new K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up, but she already has a new series to do. The 40-year-old star will star in a drama written by Kim Eun-sook called The Glory, in which fans will see a different side of her.

Song Hye-kyo is reportedly set to begin filming The Glory next year. As it stands, her fans can start the year off right, not just in Korea but all over the world.

As All Kpop announced, it has been confirmed that the new series will appear on Netflix so that viewers worldwide can watch it. She will tell the story of a woman who was bullied and is now preparing for a great vengeance.

How is she going to do that? She is waiting for the time when she will become the class teacher for her bully’s child.

Fans can expect this series to be a huge hit. In addition to starring Song Hye-kyo, it is also written by Eun-sook, who is behind the best-known series Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

Rumor has it that Lee Do-hyun will play the male lead opposite Song Joong-ki’s ex-wife. He will play the role of the man who will help the famous actress get revenge. If the 26-year-old actor accepts the role, he will reportedly begin filming soon after he finishes his current drama Melancholia.

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo spoke about her latest series, saying that her role in Now, We Are Breaking Up as fashion designer Ha Young-eun is not far from her work as an actress, according to Soompi. Still, she was surprised to see how much work there is in the fashion business.

She described it as fierce and like a chaotic battlefield where every minute and every second is precious. When asked what made her decide to do another love drama after Encounter with Park Bo-gum, she replied that it was the expectations she had of herself.

Song Hye-kyo, who appeared in drama series in her youth, wanted to show another side of her acting skills now that she is in her 40s. Despite the criticism that she made another romantic series, she insisted that she has no regrets.

She believes making Now, We Are Breaking Up at this point in her life was a wise decision, no matter what people say about her. However, fans will see a different song Hye-kyo in The Glory.