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Fans are defending BTS’ V after he seemingly accidentally followed Big Bang’s TOP

January 16, 2023

BTS’ V and Big Bang’s TOP are all the rage now after the former followed and unfollowed the latter on Instagram on Sunday, January 15th. Although the move seems like just a mistake, some fans take it seriously and start berating the older singer-rapper, while others come to his aid.

Fans quickly noticed the addition to V’s Instagram followers list. When they checked the list, many were surprised to see that he was following TOP, although that later went away and the number of users he followed went back down to seven.

The BTS member has yet to comment on the matter, but some of his reluctant fans have come up with their own theories on the matter. They started terrorizing TOP on all his social media platforms and sending negative comments about him.

One fan questioned why VTOP followed, while others poked fun at the latter, saying not to be happy that their idol mistakenly followed him. Many also urged TOP to stay away from V, calling him a criminal and a drinking old man.

But not all fans of V. have the same opinion about TOP as others. Many even come to his aid, pointing out that maybe the Christmas Tree hitmaker didn’t really mean to pursue him and just did it by accident.

It wasn’t the first time V had done so, having accidentally followed BLACKPINK’s Jennie in December 2021, which also caused quite a stir.

One fan explained that V didn’t deserve the treatment and the people judging him. Please leave my husband alone, the fan continued. You don’t deserve him, so leave him.

So why do some fans seem to hate TOP so much? It may have something to do with his past, such as his 10-month jail sentence in 2017 after being found guilty of marijuana and drug use.

Marijuana use is known to be illegal in South Korea, which enrages many netizens at his wrongdoing despite being a public figure.

But even though V mistakenly follows him, many ARMYs shower him with love and support and tweet that he can follow anyone he likes as he can do anything he wants. They also express anger at other fans posting negative comments about him, and others have deleted or deactivated their Twitter accounts after receiving backlash.

It is known that some ARMYs are very protective of BTS and its members. However, some remind their fellow fans that V still has his own life and can do whatever he wants.