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Extraordinary Advocate Woo’ signature Woo Young Woo, Dong Geu Rami Salute is inspired by this iconic K-Pop group

August 26, 2022

Lawyer Extraordinary Woo has come to an end, and many of you probably already know the typical greeting of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) and Dong Geu Rami (Joo Hyun Young). Now, Joo Hyun Young has revealed what inspired her to make this Big Bang-related gesture.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has proven exceptional by dominating the small screen and leading the most popular dramas. No wonder the series was renewed for a second season.

One of the typical scenes of the series is the greeting between Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Ramil. The two usually greet each other with Woo zum Young zum Woo! and dong to geu to ra-mi with some hand gestures.

In an interview with Star News (via AllKpop) Joo Hyun Young revealed what inspired her to take this step. The actress said the viral salute wasn’t originally part of the script and she only suggested adding it.

She then revealed that she listens to Big Bang’s songs a lot and was inspired by the intro to the group’s hit song Last Farewell, which consists of B to the I to the (G)-bang bang. Not only the text, but also the gestures were similar.

Today, there’s no denying that the salute is trending among fans worldwide and even used by K-pop idols.

In its final week of airing, Extraordinary Attorney Woo was consistently #1 on the most popular drama list, ending a perfect eight-week streak, like soompi reported. From start to finish, the film topped the Good Date Corporation’s list of top dramas each week.

It also dominated the most popular performers list, claiming six out of the 10 rankings. As expected, Park Eun Bin topped the list, followed by Kang Tae Oh at #2, Jin Kyung at #4, Kang Ki Young at #5, Ha Yoon Kyung at #7, and Joo Jong Hyuk at #8.

The film also topped the list of 10 dramas that garnered the most attention during the third week of August. With such success, it’s no surprise Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been renewed for a second season, eh What’s on Netflix reported.

ASTORY CEO Lee Sang Baek confirmed the release of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2. He revealed that Season 2 is being produced with the support of many people and is set to air in 2024.