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EXO Suho Releases Mystery Trailer: Is It For A New Album?

February 21, 2022

EXO’s Suho has announced his return after retiring from the military. On Sunday, February 20th, he releases a mysterious trailer that hints at a new release. Is it new music?

The man finally takes off his gray suit, the clip reveals, referring to Suho. So what does this cryptic message mean?

After retiring from the military, the 30-year-old star penned a handwritten letter and shared it on Instagram. He revealed he had prepared a special gift for his fans, although Soompi noted he didn’t say what it was.

Anyway, he said he hopes this mysterious gift would make fans feel like it was worth waiting two years for him. Suho enlisted in the army in 2020 and was discharged earlier this month.

The trailer in question was uploaded to EXO’s official Twitter account with a simple caption: Suho. He showed a clock ticking in the background.

The stopwatch ticked every 15 seconds. A mysterious closet was later seen in the middle of the forest where a pair of suits could be seen.

The clip ended with a black screen showing Suho’s name. It looks like fans are in for a treat with a new release anytime soon. Some even say it could be a new album.

As expected, fans filled the post with various theories and reactions. One fan even said they didn’t understand any of it, but loved the little teaser and what it was about.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter was meeting his fans through a special live stream with a concept akin to a job interview on Friday, February 19 on EXO’s official YouTube channel, Pinkvilla reports.

Titled Suho’s resume for EXO-L Inc., it saw the Rich Man star as a job seeker applying for a position at EXO-L Inc. She showed the modern format of a virtual interview while he was looking for a job.

Fans saw him engage in various fun activities such as writing his own resume, being formally introduced in an interview, answering random questions and a mission corner. This was Suho’s first official appearance since returning from military service.

Since his release, fans have given him a warm welcome and circulated the hashtag #SuHomecoming around the world. He revealed how much he misses his followers and dreams of hosting a concert with them to return the favor. He ended his remarks with EXO’s motto: We are one. Let’s love.