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EXO Suho in hot water after allegedly saying ‘Idols are lazy these days’

April 19, 2022

EXO Suho is now in hot water after allegedly making a negative statement about the new idols. The bandleader reportedly said that the new K-pop stars are lazy these days during his fan sign event to promote his second mini-album, Gray Suit.

Top Star News quoted Suho as saying, and published an article with the interesting title: EXO’s Suho makes a flashy remark that ‘Idols are lazy these days.’ So did he criticize the newcomers in the industry?

The cover reveals the 30-year-old star criticizing today’s new idols. According to AllKpop however, there’s a deeper message the hitmaker wants to convey.

In fact, he has clarified that he said the phrase as a joke. In the article, he said he doesn’t see this as a big event as anyone could do it.

From then on he said that idols are lazy these days. However, he also mentioned that agencies could be the problem as companies are getting bigger these days and the market is getting crowded.

That’s why I have a feeling that they [die Agenturen] can’t pay attention to the details, which is unfortunate, he explained. With many taking this as a negative remark, fans came to Suho’s defense.

One fan said the article’s title was clickbait, while others stressed he only said it as a joke. Some even took his remark as true, as the market is saturated and companies are no longer paying attention to details.

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Another pointed out that the EXO member didn’t say anything about the rookie idols but about the idols in general.

Meanwhile, Suho revealed on SBS Power FM radio show Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time that he’s lost weight and now weighs just 60 kg. The presenter, DJ Choi Hwa Jung, remarked on how thin he looked after returning from military service.

The How Are U Bread star revealed that he’d gained around 10kg during his service and has peaked at 70kg. But now he only weighs 60 kg. However, he promised to exercise and regain weight once his promotional activities are over.

Choi Hwa Jung even made a joke about how Suho is now all bones after hugging him. Despite this, she said he’s still the same as before, as if he’d time traveled.

Suho is now back in business after his military service. On April 4th he released his new solo album Gray Suit, which he helped to create and wrote the lyrics for all tracks.