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EXO 2022 Comeback: Suho Confirms Group’s Return, New Album

March 1, 2022

Barely a month after Suho’s discharge from the military, he has hinted at his return and EXO’s official comeback. After sharing an enigmatic teaser about a possible new release, he appears to be confirming the coming of a new album.

Suho was happy to give an interview for Indonesian entertainment show InsertLive, revealing his future plans and EXO’s activities. He confirmed that the boy band will be returning with a new album soon.

Of course, the EXO members and I are planning to prepare for an album, he said via AllKpop. This LP would be used to greet her fans who have been patiently waiting for her return.

As expected, excited Indonesian fans shared the good news worldwide via various social media platforms, such as Twitter. So now they are all looking forward to the upcoming activities of Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, DO, Kai and Sehun.

Elsewhere, Suho had a friendly chat with his fans from all over the world about Bubble. The group’s lead singer introduced himself first, knowing his fans had been waiting to connect with him for a long time.

After almost two years, he finally had the opportunity to communicate with everyone through this platform. He then revealed how much he misses his fans and asked them to reach out more often this time.

Suho was drafted in May 2020 and was released in February 2022. Yet while fans were excited about this new update, they couldn’t help but search his messages for clues to his comeback, and it looked like they’d found one.

Saying he would work harder to hit everyone as soon as possible, EXO-L knew a new release was coming. First, on February 20, Suho released a mysterious trailer on EXO’s official social media pages, Korea Portal reports.

The clip featured a mysterious clock and birds. A closet was later seen in the middle of a forest.

When the closet opened, a familiar gray suit was revealed. Although this appeared to be a hint of Suho’s return, fans were left confused when the caption read: Man finally takes off his gray suit.

At the end of the clip, Suho’s name is revealed. Fans are now awaiting the K-pop idol’s return soon along with his group after he posted a handwritten letter and did a live broadcast following his release. He even announced that he has a gift for his fans who have been patiently waiting for him.