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Eve’ Update: Seo Ye Ji’s returning episode of K-Drama gets another 19+ rating

June 6, 2022

Seo Ye Ji’s new K-drama Eve receives mixed reactions from fans due to the R-scenes. Nevertheless, tvN continues to promote the series and the upcoming episode again receives a one-off rating of 19+.

Eve is Seo Ye Ji’s first TV comeback project following the controversy with her ex-boyfriend Kim Jyung Hyun. So far the series has aired two episodes and both have a 19+ rating.

The series tells the story of Lee La El, a woman who has dedicated her life to getting revenge on her parents. In the first two episodes, there were coitus scenes between the main actress herself, Lee Ha Yool, Park Byeong Eun and Yoo Su.

Although the series received an overall rating of 15+, AllKpop found that the first and second episodes received mixed reactions from viewers. According to recent media reports, the upcoming fourth episode even received a one-off rating of 19+.

Meanwhile, tvN took a behind-the-scenes look at the first two episodes of the series. The clip begins with Lee La El (Seo Ye Ji) performing at a party as she begins to seek revenge.

She met up with Kang Yoon Kyum (Park Byung Eun), who rehearsed his lines by asking her if she could play the bandoneon, an accordion-like instrument. soompi reports that the 32-year-old actress learned how to play like a good musician from a professional before filming began.

Alternatively, Park Byeun Eun learned to tango. As the show’s staff and crew surrounded the room, the actor practiced his dance moves.

After a spin, he stopped once and clapped his hands to his head because he was a little dizzy. He then began making exciting gestures after getting approval from the professional dancer on the set.

The next scene featured Han So Ran (Yoo Sun), Kang Yoon Kyum’s sophisticated wife, in the stairwell. The 46-year-old star is very different from her role.

In Eve she is cold and arrogant, but in real life she likes to laugh and smiles a lot. She also plays an acting coach on the series and in one scene she teaches a child how to express fear in their eyes.

Elsewhere, Jung Hae Kyun, who plays Kim Jung Chul, was spotted eating a snack while filming an important scene with Lee La El’s father. Lee Sang Yeob, who plays the character of Seo Eun Pyeon, then arrived on set and picked up a pipe as if to use it for a fight scene.

However, the director said to him: You mustn’t touch this, after which he apologized and put the pipe away. Then he started rehearsing his scene and said in front of the camera: I’m tired.

Eve airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30pm KST.