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Euphoria Season 2 Release Date

May 2, 2021

Euphoria is a multi-award winning drama series about a group of high school teenagers. Centered on Rue Bennett (Zendaya), a recovering teenage addict, and the myriad characters around her, the series explores themes of anxiety, addiction, sex, and friendship in depth. Dark but heartfelt, the HBO series is said to be inspired by series creator Sam Levinson’s own struggles with anxiety and drug addiction and has been widely hailed as a true representation of teenage angst in the early years. . 2000. With season 1 ending in 2019, fans of the show have been clamoring for the second season, which is long overdue. If you’re a fan and can’t wait to learn more about Rue and Jules’ story, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything we know about “Euphoria” season 2.

Euphoria Season 2 Release Date

Episode 1 of season 1 of ‘Euphoria’ premiered on June 16, 2021 on HBO and the channel’s online streaming platform, HBO Max. Successive episodes were broadcast weekly both on television and online. Season 1 consists of 8 episodes of approximately 1 hour each.

In July 2019, even before the first season ended airing, Deadline reported that HBO had given the green light to season 2 of “Euphoria.” However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, season 2 production ceased in March 2020. In September 2020, HBO President Casey Boils told Deadline that filming for season 2 would begin early. 2021. Actor Eric Dane, who plays Cal Jacobs, a father with a dark secret, also mentioned that filming will begin in mid-April.

Additionally, a call to audition for actors for season 2 of Euphoria was published in February 2021, indicating that pre-production was already underway. The listing also indicated that production would begin on April 5 in Los Angeles. From what we know, we can expect to see season 2 of “Euphoria” in late 2021 or early 2022.

The series is so loyal to fans and requests for a sequel so strong, that HBO has commissioned special episodes to fill the long gap between the end of season 1 and the premiere of season 2. Called “COVID episode (s) Special (s)) ”From Boyd, the two episodes separately explore the lives of Rue and Jules after their separation at the train station in the season 1 finale. The special episodes aired on HBO Max before being televised. , the first (focused on Rue) aired on December 3, 2020 and the second (focused on Jules) on January 22, 2021.

A collaboration between the series and entertainment company A24 also spawned an 8-book series on the series. Deep behind-the-scenes content includes never-before-seen character stories, clothing style boards, and interviews with the cast and creators of the show. The books are scheduled to be released on April 27, 2021, a long-awaited glimpse into the world of Euphoria.

The cast of Euphoria season 2: who’s part?

The first speculations about Rue’s fate after the surreal final scenes of season 1 (where she relapses) have been raised with the following special episodes, which tell us that Zendaya will reprise her role as Rue, the cynical teenage girl fighting The addiction. In April 2020, it was announced that actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. had joined the cast for the second season, although his specific role on the series has yet to be revealed. Originally scheduled for season 1, Harrison faced scheduling conflicts, and series creator Sam Levinson went on to write a new lead role for the ‘Luce’ and ‘Waves’ actor. In season 2. Harrison previously worked on Levinson’s black comedy thriller “Assassination Nation.” ”.

Also, we can expect to see most of the cast repeating their struggling characters, with Jules (Hunter Schafer) returning as Rue’s conflicting friend and love interest. Sisters Lexi (Maude Apatow) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) will also be back, as will Nate (Jacob Elordi), father Cal (Eric Dane) and his girlfriend Maddy (Alexa Demie). Storm Reid will also continue to play Gia, Rue’s little sister, as well as Colman Domingo as Ali, Rue’s godfather in Narcotics Anonymous, and Angus Cloud as Fezco, the friendly drug dealer. The rest of the cast, including Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Algee Smith, and John Ales, will also reprise their roles for Season 2.

Euphoria season 2 plot: what is it?

Season 1 introduced us to a host of interesting (mostly) teenage characters who are struggling with their identities and relationships. The enduring friendship between Rue and Jules, which we’ve seen flourish for most of Season 1, now seems to be unraveling and the two young men are taking different paths. The January special also showed Rue as strangely indifferent to Jules, with the latter beginning to question her addictive relationship with Rue, which is believed to stem from her trauma of having an addicted mother. In Season 2, we can be sure that the dynamic between Rue and Jules will be further explored, but we can’t be sure that they will reconcile. We also saw Nate and Maddy end their relationship in the season 1 finale, as well as Cassie ending her pregnancy.

The plot of the highly anticipated season 2 has been kept under wraps, for obvious reasons. However, some clues have been dropped, the most significant being that of Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie on the series. In an interview with Stylecaster, he described the new scripts for season 2 saying, “Cassie has a crazy story in season 2 that I never expected.” He added that “Cassie really needs to recover.”

The second season was also described as “beautiful” by lead actress Zendaya, though none of the plot points were revealed. The fact that series creator Levinson is known to sometimes rewrite his scripts at the last minute will make fans suspicious of what to expect from season 2. One thing we can be sure of is that we will have a new world dose of dreamy and heartbreaking adolescent anguish that is “Euphoria.”