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‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Update: New Season Focuses on Emerging Designers, Emily’s Choices

December 19, 2022

Season 3 of Emily in Paris is out in just a few days, and there are a whole host of spoilers teasing fans even more. From the problems Emily (Lily Collins) must face to another series of fashion ensembles viewers won’t want to miss, here’s everything you’ll see.

The stars of the series reveal the fashion will be bolder in Emily in Paris season 3. And instead of focusing on today’s luxury brands, emerging fashion designers will take center stage.

Lucien Laviscount, who plays the role of Alfie, revealed that Emily has maintained her style of wearing mismatched clothes. He even said opposite Page Sixthat Collins always takes your breath away when she shows up on set.

Everything is bigger, better and bolder [in dieser Staffel], he teased. Alternatively, William Abadie, who takes on the role of Antoine Lambert, said costume designer Marylin Fitoussi is looking to up-and-coming designers this time.

He explained that they all spent a long time in the dressing room as Fitoussi wanted to introduce new designers in Emily in Paris Season 3. It was time to take the high-end and contemporary designers and hit the thrift store to shine the spotlight on the antique and vintage pieces.

This contributes to [die Show] value and increase diversity in fashion, he continued. Samuel Arnold, who portrays Julien, gave Fitoussi the credit of sculpting the characters.

She revealed that Fitoussi knew how to bring each character to life with her wardrobe, even though they are different from each other.

In the meantime, fans will see how Emily will make an important decision for her career in season 3 of Emily in Paris. In an interview with Variety at the series premiere in New York, Phil Collins’ daughter revealed her character will be indecisive yet oddly determined in the new season.

The 33-year-old admitted she empathizes with Emily’s insecurities in life and feels like she wants to sit and think way too much in the midst of all the decisions she has to make. In the new season, Emily has to focus on one thing at a time, and Collins admires her role in finally making some decisions.

This time, Emily must decide whether to stay in savoir with Madeline (Kate Walsh) or stay in Paris to help Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) set up her marketing company.

So what will she choose? Find out when Emily in Paris Season 3 arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, December 21.