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Edens Zero Episode 13 Release Date, Recap and Preview

July 2, 2021

The next episode will be Edens Zero Episode 13. The Demon King’s grandson continues his journey around the world, saving his friends. Planet Guilst is in chaos; everyone is chasing his life when the Chronophage hits the planet. With the help of Sister Ivry, Shiki’s crew defeated the sister. After realizing the sister was using them, Jinn takes revenge and steals Sister Ivry’s power to commit evil deeds. Rebecca and Pino sense the danger and want Shiki to arrive in due time. The witch then brings Edens Zero to the planet Guilst to help Shiki save everyone.

The episode begins with Rebecca and Pino in a panic. “New Company” is the title of the episode. Pino says that he is happy that Miss Copa has been saved. The Master and the others will join them. The two of them will receive the message from Edens Zero. Pino reveals to Mister Wisz, Homura and the real sister, Rebecca wonders who the others are. The man who came to help in the rescue mission, Miss Homura. The crew made new friends without her, says Rebecca.

The construction begins to crumble and Pino says that the planet’s ether flows backwards. The mysterious tree begins to sprout from the ground and Rebecca falls into the well. Fortunately, over time, Shiki arrives and dives into the hole, grabs Rebecca, and then disappears completely. Shiki uses the force of gravity and jumps out of the well. Rebecca says that he has returned to rescue her and Pino is excited that he will have no more problems. Shiki replies that her friend Rebecca and is nothing to save her.

Edens Zero Episode 13 Release Date

The premiere date for Episode 13 of Edens Zero will be Tuesday, July 4, 2021. Episode 13 is scheduled to air at 12:55 PM JST. Episode 13 will air in different time zones depending on where you are.

Edens Zero episode 12 recap

He comes with Homura, Weisz, and Sister Ivry, and Ivry scolds the planet Guilst tree for destroying it. Rebecca realizes that Sister Pino has spoken and Shiki smiles as Ivry dresses up as an ancient witch. It is time for Ivry to flee from the comments that they later make as an introduction. The crew notices Edens Zero, and Witch Regret sends the message that the tree is preventing them from landing. She asks the Great Demon King to get rid of the tree, and Weisz says that they would blow up the tree.

Weisz lights his weapon and with the Ether Gear Sword, Homura surprises everyone. Homura uses the Leopard Claw Frenzeny to cut anything in front of her. Ivry realizes that she has seen this sword before. Weisz uses the Atlas Flame to burn everything in front of him. Ivry wonders where Weisz will get a flamethrower from, and Pino is impressed by his team’s abilities. Shiki holds everyone in Edens Zero and lands on a path they have cleared.

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Edens Zero Episode 13 Anime Online, fans have been eagerly waiting for it. You can read Edens Zero Episode 13 Anime Online for free from the following anime platforms to support the Creators: On Netflix.