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Eddie McGee: Where’s the Big Brother Season 1 Winner Now?

January 10, 2023

Based on the Dutch show of the same name, Big Brother is a reality TV series that brings together a group of people from different walks of life and brings them under one lavish roof to compete in various challenges for the princely sum of $500,000. With the show running for 24 seasons since it premiered in 2000, many fans are sure to be curious as to what became of Season 1 winner Eddie McGee. In case you’re curious how life outside the home has dealt with Season 1’s newest houseguest.

Eddie McGee’s Big Brother Journey

Eddie McGee defines what being there to win really means. From the start, Eddie’s goal was to win the show to improve his family’s financial situation. During their time on the show, the contestants were given weekly assignments to complete as a group. One of the team tasks required the contestants toss water balloons from across the pool to their teammates. In this task, the team of Eddie, George and Cassandra won. In another weekly challenge, the HouseGuests had to compete in a sumo wrestling match to earn a spa treatment.

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Eddie won the challenge but didn’t get a good massage because his former co-star William gave him a bad massage. On Day 50, the HouseGuests entered their fourth round of nominations. Eddie, Brittany, Cassandra, Curtis, George and Josh were nominated for sacking due to a tie vote. For the first time, every houseguest was nominated by at least one other houseguest. Eddie, Brittany and Cassandra were voted Mr. and Miss Big Brother 2000 after the contestants were asked to choose an assignment.

The winners received a dinner with a dish of their choice. After receiving 14% of the vote, it was revealed that Curtis was the last houseguest to be flown out of the house on Day 88. After some time, it was reported that Josh had received 27% of the vote, putting him in second place behind Eddie, who had received a total of 59% of the vote. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Eddie spoke about his experiences in the ‘Big Brother’ house 22 years ago. He wished he could go home to see his grandmother, who died the same day Eddie won the title.

In the same interview, Eddie also spoke about his take on the show. He said: I never watched my show, let alone anyone else’s damn show. My show was like watching paint dry, man. My show was boring. He revealed he was only there for the experience and the money. Eddie told Entertainment Weekly that he was very much in love with co-star Brittany Petros, with whom the actor is still on very good terms, platonically of course. Now that the cameras are gone, viewers are wondering what Eddie is up to. Let’s find out, shall we?

Where is Eddie McGee today?

Eddie McGee is an actor and assistant director. He has made a name for himself in the film industry. The 43-year-old is a born athlete and actor who didn’t let his disability stop him from pursuing his dream career. He has appeared in numerous productions including starring roles in films such as Drop Dead Roses and cameo appearances on a number of television series such as Shooter, Elementary, NCIS: Los Angeles, Desperate Housewives and Law & Order. To date, he has held more than twenty acting roles.

His horror film The Human Race, in which he also starred, received several awards including first place at the Mile High Horror Film Festival. His short film The Angel, screened at the Long Island International Film Festival, also received recognition. In an interview with amplitude Eddie spoke about his acting career and how much he longed to be a successful actor. He said: I knew this was something for me. I didn’t care how much I had to struggle and strain; i wanted to do it

In addition, Eddie is also the CEO of Tripod Productions. Along with his writing and producing partner Paul Hough, he produces horror films for the YouTube channel Don’t Turn Around and is also an actor and producer. He has also appeared in ‘Eddie’s’, ‘Val’, ‘9-1-1’, ‘Renko’, ‘One Last Time’, ‘The Shooters Nail’ and others.