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Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Episode 44 release date, preview and recap

August 11, 2021

Dragon Quest has entered the era of King Vearn, the leader of the Army of Darkness and the Commander of the Legion. Dark Lord Hadlar is the one who planned the death of Master Avan in the past to rule the world. Dai and the group of heroes have pulverized the first threat, but Mystvearn rises again and Killvearn arrives. Killvearn the Reaper begins to punish Popp and the battle becomes intense. Let’s find out more about half the battle: Dai the Hero vs. Dark Lord Hadler in the latest episode of Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure.

Dark Lord Hadler emerges during the battle and realizes that he could not sit still and let his minions get beaten up by Master Avan’s students. Hadler tells Dai that he has an unfinished business with Master Avan and that he must exterminate his student to confirm his victory. The title of the episode is “Clash of Mighty Swords.” Dai was using his other sword, but the power contained in the newly forged blade: Dai’s sword awakens after the arrival of the Dark Lord Hadlar. Dai realizes that his sword knew that a powerful enemy had arrived.

Popp reminds Dai not to use his shield at full strength. Hadler admits that Dai is his true rival and Dai tells Popp that Hadler has changed. Both men realize that Hadler was an easy win in the past and continue to pulverize him. But he returned in a new form after his fellow Dark Army members taunted him for being run over by a child. Hadler fills up with energy and comments that he expects no less from Avan’s disciple. Dai comments that he has never seen this form of Hadlar.

Previously in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 43

Mystvearn and Killvearn decided to see Hadlar do a two-on-one fight. Popp comments that Hadlar has changed and that he has become a true monster. Dai realizes that he has seen this look somewhere before. Dai realizes that during his last fight with Zamza, he saw the appearance of Hadalar on Zamza’s body. He wonders if Hadlar has become a higher being. Dai comments that Hadlar was converted using the date that Zamza sent in his last battle. Hadlar told Dai that he would find and experience the truth when he fought him. This is the power he gained from sacrificing everything.

Ultra combustion blow

Hadler attacks, and Dai uses his fist to block the skrike, but it crashes and bounces off the mountain. Popp wonders if Dai is okay after taking this massive hit. But Dai stands up and wonders what has happened since he blocked Hdalar with the power of the crest centered on his right fist. Dai looks at his hand and realizes that he has fallen asleep and cannot wield his sword.

Hadlar uses claw attacks to slash Dai, who jumped before the blows landed. Hadlar activates the “Boom” and hits Dai’s butt, who screams from the heat. Popp wonders how Hadlar can cast spells, since he knew that higher beings could not cast them. Haldar ignores Popp and decides to finish off Dai, who is inside a large hole. Popp tries to stop Hadlar, but Killvearn reminds him that he is his opponent. Killvearn comments that it is one on one and that no one should intervene.

Popp responds that they never sign an individual contract. Killvearn replies that they have to witness the fight between the two, sitting quietly as everyone wants it. Popp discovers that Hadlar can transform from Superior Beng to Darkling. Hadlar and Dai collide with their swords, and Killvearn explains each attack. He’s impressed that Dai is using Wave Slash that didn’t hurt Hadlar. Hadlar achieves an Ultra Combustion Slash that destroys Dai, and his men admit that he won the battle. Dai is no longer around.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 44 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 44 was released on Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. The new episode of this anime comes out every Saturday, unless the anime is delayed. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a never-ending anime, which means there are still more episodes to come that you don’t want to miss. Let’s see Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 44 below.

Where to see Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure Episode 44?

You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 44 online on Crunchyroll and VRV. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is available online on official platforms and other websites. The latest episodes of this anime are available with English subtitles. As soon as Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai releases a new episode, it will be available online.