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Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 4 spoilers and release date

July 23, 2021

Developed from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Cool-kyou Shinja, “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon” or “Miss Kobayashii’s Dragon Maid” is a comic television anime with distinctive yuri and fantasy elements. It tells the story of a corporate worker, Kobayashi, whose quiet and uneventful life suddenly becomes an epicenter of activity when she lets the dragon of chaos Tooru stay in her apartment and be her servant. Quickly attract the attention of other dragons, gods, and other supernatural entities. Season 1 of the anime aired from January 12, 2017 to April 6, 2017 and consists of 13 episodes. An original animation video or OVA, titled “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Valentine, Soshite Onsen! – Amari Kitai Shinaide Kudasai ”, aired on September 20, 2017. Season 2 will be released on July 8, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the next episode of the series.

dragon maid season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Dragon Maid’ Season 2 Episode 4 (aka ‘Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S’ or ‘Miss Kobayashii’s Dragon Maid S’), titled ‘When in Rome, do what the Romans do (hard to beat others) ‘, will air on July 29, 2021 in Japan. It will be available at various times on ABC, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi and BS11. Studio Kyoto Animation developed the series, with Tatsuya Ishihara and Yasuhiro Takemoto leading the production team and Yuka Yamada leading the writing team. Miku Kadowaki was in charge of character design and Masumi Itou of music. Fhána sang the opening song, “Ai no Supreme”, and Super Chorogonzu sang the closing song, “Maid with Dragons”.

Where to watch season 2 of Dragon Maid?

Viewers outside of Asia can watch the episodes on Crunchyroll with the original subtitles in Japanese and in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Season 2 is also available on VRV (English subtitles) and Wakanim (French subtitles).

Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers

In episode 3, Saikawa comes to play with Kanna. When she hears that Kobayashi went shopping with Tooru, she becomes emotional, believing that she is now alone in the apartment with Kanna. However, he soon learns of Ilulu’s existence. Meanwhile, Ilulu, deeply sorry for his actions, locks himself in his room. Lucoa comes to visit her and learns that although Ilulu wants to play with the other two girls, she thinks she should punish herself. Later, Lucoa locks Ilulu and Saikawa together, and the two quickly discover that they have a lot in common. Ilulu soon joins Saikawa and Kanna in their card games. When Kobayashi and Tooru return, they discover that the three of them have fallen asleep.

After learning that Kobayashi’s family did not like the maid outfit he made and wore when he was younger, Tooru calls all of his friends to design a maid outfit for Kobayashi. However, she doesn’t create one herself and admits that she wants Kobayashi to wear one of her outfits. To his surprise, Kobayashi nods.

Tooru tries to find a hobby for her. She tried her hand at music and carpentry and proved to be prodigiously talented in these fields. One of the neighbors, Sone, observes that because these things were too easy for Tooru, she couldn’t find a place to vent her emotions, which makes music and woodwork boring for her. Thinking about this, Tooru decides to turn Kobayashi into an idol. When Kobayashi returns home, he discovers that the living room is full of Kobayashi products that Tooru has made. In episode 4, Tooru and Kanna could accompany Kobayashi to his parents’ house. Kanna’s father, Kimun Kamui, could also appear in the next episode.