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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Update: Movie timeline in Dragon Ball canon confirmed

April 19, 2022

More important details about the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie are coming to light as fans look forward to its release. Following the reveal of the characters’ poster, fans will also get an update on the film’s timeline in the Dragon Ball canon.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Highlights Explained has released some teasers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. By the looks of it, it’s actually a sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and the two are related.

The new featurette confirms that the film is set on Earth after the bitter battle with Broly. The continuation of the struggle only proves that the peace did not last long.

comic book noted that it had been a long-standing question as to how the film would fit into the complex Dragon Ball canon timeline. Dragon Ball Z is considered to be the furthest point in the canonical timeline, so all Dragon Ball Super events must take place within that timeframe – unless there’s a time skip.

Fans must also keep in mind that the Dragon Ball Super manga is still ongoing and has been for years, although only two films have been produced so far, Broly and Super Hero. The manga is currently running the Granolah arc and there are important events so far that could be related to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that is getting closer to its story.

It just means that the upcoming movie will help tie the manga to the anime. The Dragon Ball Super anime ended with the Tournament of Power arc, followed by the Broly movie.

Although the manga didn’t appear to have any connection to Broly, the next story arc, the Moro arc, took place before the Granolah arc began. That leaves a nice little window of time before the Moro arc and superhero storyline take place.

Meanwhile, alongside the film’s timeline, Toei Animation has also released new character posters for the upcoming film. Citing Coming soon the posters put the spotlight on the heroes and villains who will primarily be featured in the film.

It features the new antagonists Dr. Hedo, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, along with the returning and iconic characters of Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta and Pan.

Toei also announced the official release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The film was delayed due to last month’s hack and is now rescheduled for June 11th. Actually, the film was supposed to hit the cinemas on April 22nd.