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Dragon Ball Super: Series creator Akira Toriyama added this important story arc to the manga that nobody expected

January 4, 2023

The Dragon Ball Super anime has started adapting the superhero arc and merging the manga and anime storylines. But creator Akira Toriyama made an important contribution to the manga’s story that no one expected.

The anime plot follows the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, while the manga follows its final storylines and further develops the movie’s story and characters. But there’s one key element of Super Hero that Toriyama contributed, and that’s making Trunks a full-fledged superhero.

In his regular updates on the Dragon Ball official site, franchise animator and writer Toyotarou revealed how the Super Hero manga story came about. When he met with the mangaka and other collaborators, they discussed how Goku and Vegeta had been the main characters in big, intergalactic stories for so long that they wanted to downsize and simplify them.

From there, Toyotarou saw a chance to finally tell the story of Trunks that he had been keeping for years. He wanted to make Trunk the main character even before the superhero came out, although he wasn’t sure if that would fit into the story.

He then planned to make it a spinoff, but when they considered focusing on another character besides Goku in Dragon Ball Super, he thought of Trunks’ story. I thought maybe this is finally my chance to do it, he continued via ComicBook.

It all came at the right time because after Toyotarou got his chance to focus the story on Trunks this time, Toriyama added an important detail that could tie this storyline to a much larger main plot that is already taking shape. The creator made Trunks a superhero, making Trunks and Gotten the superheroes in manga today.

The artist also talked about the difference between the present and future Trunks. In the same interview, Toyotarou described the future Trunks as a very different version of his younger self, not as traumatized as his future self.

Therefore, Future Trunks is a completely different character, making it difficult for him to draw the two characters. Their lives are also dramatically different, so he wants readers to separate them and make them two different individuals.

The current trunks are very different from the future trunks, because their tasks are not the same at all. When Future Trunks returned in Dragon Ball Super, he was already able to transform into a Super Saiyan 2 and received a new transformation during a battle against Goku Black. However, it remains to be seen if the current Trunks can reach the same heights without any problems getting in its way.