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Dragon Ball Super Granolah The Survivor Arc Update: Jump Festa Host hints at the end of the current arc and the beginning of the new storyline

December 20, 2021

Dragon Ball Super Granolah the Survivor arc will soon be over and a new storyline will begin next year. Victory Uchida, who hosted the manga panel at Jump Festa over the weekend in Japan, revealed that the Granolah story will come to an end and fans will see something new.

Granolah is now working with Goku and Vegeta to overthrow the Heeters. The feud between them is finally over and they will soon finish the Dragon Ball Super Granolah the Survivor arc.

The transcripts posted online through Comicbook revealed that Uchiha only shared the details with manga artist Toyotaro, who said the current story arc was nearing its climax. The creator added that a new story arc will begin in 2022 so fans can now look forward to its release.

However, it is not known exactly when the new story arc will begin. Since the manga only publishes a new chapter every month, it will be some time before the story continues.

There are theories that it could end in May or June, though nothing has been confirmed yet. Granolah is still eager to find Frieza to avenge his people and planet in Dragon Ball Super.

Sure, the villain is hard to find, but the bounty hunter will get his way. His skills will help him track down his hiding place and maybe he will get help from Goku and Vegeta.

Gas is currently fighting Goku and Vegeta gives Granolah a Senzu beam so that he can regain his strength and face the Heeter. There could be a rematch between the two and there will be major battles on the series, according to News Concerns.

The Granolah Arc introduces fans to a new threat first with the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah. He has an ax weapon that he plans to use against the Saiyas who, in his opinion, have destroyed his race, the Cerelians.

With the help of the Dragon Balls of his planet he wants to become the strongest warrior in the universe. So he takes on Goku and Vegeta, the fight that the Heeter have started.

A heated battle begins, and Vegeta attempts to destroy the last Cerelian race with his new transformation known as Ultra Ego, but to no avail. As the story progresses, Granolah learns the truth behind the criminal organization’s lies and now works with Goku and Vegeta to overthrow the Heeter.

Fans will see what happens next when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 releases in January 2022.