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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Release Date, Spoilers: Goten, Trunks Face Big Dilemma

January 18, 2023

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 raw scans have finally surfaced, focusing on Goten and Trunks’ double lives as high school students and superheroes alike. It looks like the teen heroes are facing their biggest dilemma.

Warning! The following content contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter spoilers begin with Trunks playing basketball alongside Goten against Beta at Blue Hal High School. The scene then switches to Dr. Hedo and his zombies spying on Trunks while viewing surveillance footage of him playing and apparently knowing his true identity as a superhero.

The next set of spoilers sees Beta as Dr. Hedo making Trunks angry when he sees him. Mai is also there, although it remains unclear whether she already knows Beta’s true identity.

Beta then throws the soccer ball at Trunks’ head, which Trunks successfully dodges, but it hits the fire extinguisher, which explodes and spatters Trunks in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Beta then tries to throw hot soup at Trunks, but he catches it with his tray. In the next scene, a costumed Beta attacks Goten while Trunks looks on.

The latter asks Mai to hold his bag to help Goten. A fight ensues, but Beta appears to overpower Trunks.

Beta then presses the B button on his costume, causing a giant mecha to appear and unleash a missile that Dr. Upset Hedo and Trunks in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Beta takes Mai hostage, which angers Trunks even more and he prepares to attack.

He punches Beta and leaves him with his underwear while Mai slowly falls to earth. Trunks saves her, revealing his true identity in the process.

Trunks and Goten celebrate their victory while Mai and some of her friends eye them suspiciously. Trunks and Mai later meet, and Mai appears to have a crush on him.

Trunks wants to reveal his true identity to her, but Goten stops him. Beta returns to the angry Dr. Hedo, who has already identified the Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 and makes Mai his next target.

Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88, The Birth of the Superhero, Goku, Whis, Beerus, and the Oracle Fish were seen eating together. The group spoke about the looming return of Black Freiza and that they will need to train to fight him.

Then came Trunks and Goten, who took on the roles of superheroes Saiyaman X-1 and X-2. In their uniforms, they kept an eye on all criminal activities.

Then they encountered a group of robbers and easily defeated them. Afterward, they struck a pose that indicated their new roles as the show’s superheroes.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 will be released on Friday January 20th.