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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date, Spoilers: New Story Arc, Characters and Connection to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Revealed!

November 18, 2022

The long wait is almost over as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 will finally be out next month. The news comes from the November 2022 issue of V Jump magazine, reliable Dragon Ball news site @DbsHype tweeted.

In addition to the release date, the update also reveals the new Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 story arc and the two beloved characters who will be the focus of the series next. Surely this will be a new adventure that fans have been waiting for.

The new chapter will be released on December 20th, keeping with the release rhythm of every 20th of the month. It will be a prequel to the recently released film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was a worldwide hit.

Accordingly, it will cover the events leading up to the great battle against the Red Ribbon Army, Gamma 1 and 2 and Cell Max. On the accompanying poster, the new story arc will focus on Goku’s son Goten and Vegeta’s ward Trunks, both of whom have been out of the limelight lately.

They’re rarely seen on the show, leaving fans wondering where they’ve gone. Finally, the new story arc begins. Could these two be superheroes? the poster’s text reads.

The two wear new outfits that differ from those of the predecessors. Does this mean that something will change in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88?

Also, Gohan and Piccolo will also be featured in the new arc, as they are also featured on the poster, alongside Goku. In the previous chapter, on the other hand, a new form of the tyrant Frieza, dubbed Black Frieza, was revealed whose connection to the new arc may soon be revealed.

There are now also theories that the new chapter will take place after the events of the Granolah arc as both Goten and Trunks are already grown up. That also confirms two things about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The first is that the movie takes place after the Granolah arc while the second is that it is actually canon. However, it’s now up to the series to tie these things together, most notably the new powerful transformations of Gohan and Piccolo.

Thus, fans will finally understand the vague events that happened in the movie in the manga, and the explanation could start in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88. There could be a lot of catching up to do before everything is finally settled.