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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Release Date, Spoilers: The Retelling of Bardock, Gas’ Fight

March 14, 2022

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 will continue the fight between Goku and Gas and retell the story of Bardock. The intense battle against the Heeters may finally come to an end as the conclusion of this arc draws near.

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 storyboard is finally out and it hints at Bardock’s backstory. Since he’s the only one who could match Gas’s power, can Goku do it too?

In the midst of all of these events, fans are eager to see the future of Granolah. After the fight against Elec, the last Cerelian race suffered greatly.

Gas injured his arms and closed his eyes, where his power resides. So without it, he can’t use his ability.

Elec inflicts him even more pain by shooting Granolah from behind. So will he survive or not?

Well, many hope he will to get the revenge he dreams of against the Heeters. There’s no denying that Granohal is a good guy badly influenced by the Heeters.

Now it’s up to Goku to deal with Gas as Vegeta is also exhausted from the fight as he recently stated. Gas turns out to be fearsome with its incredible power.

Also, he listens to Elec who is only out to kill everyone. Therefore Goku seems to be the only one who can defeat him.

But that is easier said than done. So in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62, fans will see if Goku can strengthen his resolve.

Meanwhile, the rough drafts of the new chapter revealed that its official title will be Bardock vs. Gas, as reported by Comicbook. From the looks of it, fans will be witness to the intense battle between Gas and Bardock in the past.

It remains a big question for many how Bardock managed to defeat Gas after seeing the power he had in his Berserker form. The fans see how Goku has a hard time defeating the villain.

As Gas slowly brings out the best in him, Vegeta, and Granolah, Goku must quickly find a way to defeat him so Granolah can exact his sweet revenge. Though he seems to have something on his mind as he blasts through the universe, it raises many questions about how these things will end.

In addition to defeating Gas, the three must also contend with the Heeters’ grand plan. This means that fans will be treated to an ultimately gripping Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 when it releases on Sunday, March 20th.