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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date, Spoiler: The Great Battle Between Granolah, Gas

December 17, 2021

Dragon Ball Official Website is dropping a major spoiler for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 and fans can’t wait for the release. In addition to the alliance of Granolah, Goku and Vegeta, there will be a major reunion battle.

The special Sneak Peek shows the opening pages of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79. A big fight is ahead and it looks like Granolah is ready to take Vegeta’s senzu bean.

The design shows the prince of the fallen Saiyan and the last cerelian, with the latter preparing to crack a senzu bean, as Comicbook reports. Granolah seems shocked by the effects – a small pill with the power to cure him in a jiffy.

Now that Granolah is ready for another big fight, everything turns out perfectly as two Heeters have cornered Monaito. After managing to save the last Namek, he is next to face Gas.

Goku looks happy and since he and Vegeta know Granolah’s story, they avoid him to fight this fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79. Granolah must go beyond his limit to defeat Gas and avenge his people and planet.

Gas became the strongest warrior in the universe after the Heeter expressed this wish. With his new strength, he even challenges Goku to a duel after nearly defeating Granolah.

But apart from Goku, Granolah will also compete against the rest of the Heeter. He will also continue his plan to take over Frieza’s army.

There will also be a big reunion with Granolah and Monaito in the next episode. As it stands, the big brawl ahead is about to change the world of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, Maki presented Gas as the new strongest warrior in the universe. Vegeta couldn’t believe his ears when Gas suddenly appeared in front of them.

Everyone was surprised to see him, and Goku recognized the dark thing they had seen before. MONTOO believed the Heeters used the Dragon Balls to grant this wish.

Gas attacked them and cut the spaceship in half. He sent a huge arrow at Granolah, which pegged him to the piece of the broken airship.

Gas told Granolah that he hated him and threatened to kill them all. Goku then tried to hit the gas, but he too was pushed to the ground.

What happens next, you can see when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 releases on Monday, December 20th.