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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 release date, spoiler: Muesli can finally help Goku face the gas

December 14, 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is out in less than a week, and fans will see the alliance between Granolah, Vegeta and Goku. These three will compete against the now power-strengthened gas, but Granolah must first accept Vegeta’s senzu bean in order to achieve a whole new strength.

An official first look at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 has been posted on the franchise’s website. Vegeta can be seen here giving Granolah a senzu bean to help him fight gas. Will he finally accept her?

The battle between the Cerelians and the Saiyas is now over. After the big reveal, they no longer see themselves as enemies.

Goku and Vegeta now want to help Granolah compete against gas, according to Comicbook. Goku even challenged the member of the Heeter family to a one-on-one fight.

But with the insane strength he has today, Goku needs the help of Vegeta to bring him down. But Vegeta seems to have another plan in mind.

In the last chapter, Vegeta wanted to give Granolah a senzu bean to get revenge on the family who sold his people. So in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, Vegeta will continue to do his best to give Granolah the bean while Goku continues to fight Gas.

That way, he can regain the stamina he lost after their previous fight and help Goku fight Gas. Gas has now increased its combat ability and can even take on Goku’s strength and abilities.

But to beat gas, someone has to go over their limit. If Vegeta can get his way, he wants it to be Granolah so he can take revenge on himself, his people and his planet.

Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super chapter 78, the Heeter wanted to make Gas the strongest warrior in the universe, according to Epic Stream. The Heeters told Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta of their wish when they arrived on the planet Cereal.

Technically, Gas is now the strongest warrior in the universe, as they expressed a desire for Granolah. His power has been augmented, which would help him keep the upper hand in the fight against Goku and Granolah by using various energy weapons.

At the end of the chapter, Vegeta approached Granolah and asked him to stand up to eat the senzu bean. Granolah asked what the bean was and Vegeta explained that it would help him regain all his strength.

Granolah asked Vegeta to eat it instead, knowing he was stronger. Vegeta refused, however, telling him that he had to be the one to defeat the Heeter with his own strength.

So will Granolah finally take the bean? Find out when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 releases on Monday, December 20th.