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July 13, 2021

Given your enthusiasm for dragon ball super Chapter 74, we are back with some updates on the same topic. With only days left of the epic battle between Vegeta and Granola, fans are building new theories to back up their speculations. For now, our Saiyans’ only priority is to communicate the truth about the destruction of the planet Cereal in Granola. But are you willing to accept defeat?

While there is still time before the raw scans hit the internet, a new draft has already been released ahead of time. Early arrivals are always a good sign. Furthermore, the buzz surrounding Freeza’s arrival is also growing. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the new edition of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Plot Details!

Not all raw scans, but certainly a picture from the next chapter of DBS has hit the internet. The draft is a sketch of the fight between Granola and Vegeta. It shows a showdown between the two just before. Fans can certainly look forward to a tease between the two before the actual battle begins. Also, another fact that everyone talks about on the Internet is “the era of Freeza.

In addition to the fight between Vegeta and Granola, the Freeza bow is likely to appear. The question is how Akira intends to integrate it. For now, fans should focus on the Saiyan Prince and the Heeter. With Goku on the sidelines, how is Vegeta going to overcome Granola’s rage? Vegeta also wants to tease him about his past. Will this rage result in more deadly combat? Find out in Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The previous DBS chapter was a bit heartbreaking for many fans as they had to come to terms with the fact that Goku is not strong enough to take on Granola. Even in the Hybrid Saiyan state, Goku was unable to land a single attack on Granola. Furthermore, his power level was at an all-time high. If that couldn’t defeat the Heeter, what would? For now, we see that Vegeta has taken the defender’s position. Let’s see if Granola will believe this fact in Freeza or not.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date

It’s finally time to bet on all the fan theories, because the new chapter of DBS is almost ready. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 20, 2021. So put the reminder on your phone because now is not the time to betray Vegeta. You can read all the latest DBS chapters on the official VIZ Media website and app.