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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 spoilers, release date and time

July 17, 2021

Written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou, Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to the original Dragon Ball series. Currently published in Shueisha’s V-Jump, the series continues Goku’s adventures as he resumes his quest to become the strongest person in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super has received various praise, while some former fans have shown disdain for the way they treat it. However, animated series and movies, for the most part, have received universal praise. There are currently more than 70 chapters published in the manga and 131 episodes in the anime adaptation. Let’s take a look at the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 74, the release date, and the time.

dragon ball super Chapter 73 Summary

In the summary of chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Granola continue their fight where they left off. Goku begins to overwhelm him a bit, so Granola retreats into the forest.

Decisive battle

Taking advantage of the forest, Granola tricks Goku and kicks him in the face. He then hits Goku in the stomach. However, Goku doesn’t back down and fights back. Granola notices that Goku’s blood flow and cells have changed.

They enter an open field and Granola begins targeting Goku’s vital points. However, using his Ultra Instinct he avoids them all. Goku uses the Kamehameha at close range and detonates his opponent. However, Granola manages to reach half of Goku’s vital points. Prepare the final attack to kill Goku but the latter immediately retreats.

Extinct breed

Goku retreats and joins Vegeta. The latter tells him about the sniper tribe that were eliminated by the Saiyans led by freeza. Granola could be the last survivor of this tribe. Meanwhile, Goku uses 100% Ultra Instinct and once again prepares to attack.

At 100% Ultra Instinct, Granloah cannot detect Goku’s vital points. Also, Goku completely outshines him this time and beats him. But it turns out it was just a clone of her body. Granola’s real body is inside the drone. He uses it to knock out Goku.

Since Goku cannot fight, for the moment, Vegeta is moving forward. He prepares to fight Granola in his real body.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers

For Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers, there hasn’t been a leak yet. The raw scans of the chapter will be published in a few days. For now, we will see some of the predictions for the next chapter of DBS.

Vegeta vs granola

Goku is out of the game for now, leaving room for Vegeta to lead the fight. Vegeta was able to find out which tribe Granola belonged to. Also, it seems he knows more about them than we do. Who knows, he might even know his weakness.

Vegeta is a very cunning and smart fighter and he probably won’t be disappointed like Goku. But now that Granola is using his real body, it will be a tough battle for Vegeta. Either way, it will be interesting to see Vegeta dodge Granola’s vital attacks.

The sniper tribe

Vegeta and Goku realized that they were tricked by Mackel and Oil into thinking that Granola was an enemy. But Vegeta seems determined to kill Granola. Goku might have liked a lighter approach, but it’s different with Vegeta. The next chapter will probably tell us if this sniper tribe is completely extinct or survives.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Read online

You can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 online in the Shonen Jump Viz Media application. You must purchase your subscription to access all DBS chapters digitally.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 release date and time

Here’s the release date and time for Dragon Ball Super.

Japan – 01:00 AM, July 21
India – July 20, 9:30 pm
USA / Canada – July 20, 10:00 am
UK – 4:00 pm, July 20
CES (Europe) – July 20, 5:00 pm