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dr Stone Chapter 229 release date, spoilers: Senku learns secrets about petrification, humanity, why-man

February 10, 2022

Senku finally encounters Why-Man and learns that it is an AI that can communicate via radio waves. So it looks like Senku and the rest of his team in Dr. Stone, chapter 229, find out all about petrification and humanity.

Senku and the science team’s wish to land on the moon has finally come true. It looks like they will be in Dr. Stone Chapter 229 will soon learn more about their mission.

Epic Dope noted that the next chapter could reveal the reason for everything the series is designed to be. Why-Man could explain things about petrification and unexpected things about humanity.

Fans will also see how Why-Man is made, his origins and all about him. Will this be the beginning of a new coexistence of sentinel beings and human civilization?

With the recent revelations, all eyes are on Dr. Stone Chapter 229 and what it might reveal next. Amazfeed added that Senku and Stanley could try to talk Why-Man into a deal.

This time, Stanley won’t fool the scientific community, while Kohaku might let his peers do the talking. Senku might eventually find a way to solve the Why Man problem.

You must wipe out the Medusa as quickly as possible, even if it means a huge explosion. However, it begs the question why why-man didn’t just turn everyone into a stone to prevent human extinction. Why-Man may be the result of a botched experiment, and fans will learn more about that in the upcoming new chapters.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 228 of Dr. Stone found the massive black speck on the moon’s surface to be a giant mass of Medusa devices, OtakuKart News reports. It turned out that this entity accumulated the mechanical parasites.

The enemy was much closer than they thought, and they could communicate via radio waves. The device they had began to levitate in mid-air and turned into the face of a mechanical structure.

Why-Man asked them if they wanted to die. From here they found out that it didn’t just kill anyone. Rather, it seemed to be attempting to save humanity from death through petrification.

Senku noted that Why-Man possessed basic survival instincts and could act according to understandable rules. However, Senku had no gift that could help them negotiate with him or any technology that would allow them to create more Medusa devices.

What he intended to do was replenish their life force by swapping out the diamond batteries. dr Stone Chapter 229 is scheduled for release on Sunday February 13th.