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Dr. Stone Chapter 221 Release Date, Spoiler: Will Stanley Replace Ryusui As Pilot?

December 2, 2021

Dr. Stone Chapter 221 may finally show how the epic adventures of Senku and his science crew turn out. The journey to the moon continues and soon after all the excitement and disruption they will land on the satellite.

Of course, landing on the moon means they can finally face Why-Man. Will fans hear the mysterious and powerful radio wave in Dr. Stone Chapter 221 see?

Senku and his team have come a long way to make their lunar mission a reality. This event leads them to better understand the purpose of Why-Man’s actions, according to Epic Dope.

So what will be the next challenge that you will face on your further journey into space? Ryusui now believes there is a better pilot than him, and that is Stanley, as Epic Dope notes.

He believes he is better suited to piloting the spaceship, but it remains to be seen if everyone agrees with him. There are theories that Senku could also be replaced after Tsukasa recommended Kohaku.

Sure, the manga progresses rapidly as its chapters progress, but fans want to see their mission evolve. The series is getting more and more exciting now that the science team is on their way to discover Why-Man’s whereabouts.

In the meantime, Gen wanted to join Dr. Stone Chapter 220 that Ryusui is enthusiastic about her moon mission. Sai joined the team to share what Ryusiu did when they were kids, according to OtakuKart News.

He loved building ships back then and even promised Sai that one day he would set sail. While Sai was busy with math and science at the time, Ryusui dreamed of new adventures that he would experience.

He started building his own ship and asked Sai for help with some scientific matters about his ship. Back in the present, Sai showed everyone the flight simulator for the rocket, reminding him that Ryusui had asked him earlier to build one for his ship.

The crew started partying after seeing Ryusui’s work. They started a game and Ryusui beat the high score.

Taiju was impressed, while Ryusui revealed that he was a former simulation champion. Then he talked about science and its trip to the moon.

It was then that the crew realized that no one could hold a candle to Ryusui when it came to being a pilot. Ukyo admitted that Ryusui was the best as he was the most experienced pilot in the stone world.

But Ryusui would eventually realize that someone was better than him. The fans will see that and more when Dr. Stone Chapter 221 will be released on Sunday, December 5th.