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Dr. Stone Chapter 219 Release Date, Spoiler: Can Senku Build A Two-Way Missile Using The Internet?

November 16, 2021

Senku’s moon mission is in Dr. Stone Chapter 219 continued. The science genius and his Science Kingdom crew are now busy figuring out a way to get to the moon themselves.

Everyone now has the idea of ​​building a rocket that Senku will use in Dr. Stone is supposed to bring Chapter 219 to the moon. However, it remains to be seen if they can finish them off with the help of the internet.

According to OtakuKart News, the next episode will unlock a two-way missile that Senku and his crew worked hard to build. Senku and his group considered using the internet to make the components they needed.

You will also use the power of the internet to reach out and recruit more engineers around the world. Chrome will arrange a meeting where everyone will vote on building a two-way missile.

In Dr. Stone, chapter 219, Senku and Taiju speak on the Internet. From here, Senku will reveal its importance in her journey to the moon.

In the meantime, Senku has worked in Dr. Stone Chapter 218 reveals the material is Eucommia Elastomer and explains how it works. They used it to make golf balls and 3D printer filaments, according to OtakuKart News.

Taiju began to wonder if they were already making the Internet, leading Gen to believe that it could become a worldwide network. Chrome then realized that it could withstand water and electricity, and thus connect them to the whole world.

If they used this material they could make copper wire. Ryusui came up with the idea of ​​connecting Japan to the US, which helped them acquire undersea cables.

The group then chose the Island of Eternal Summer Hawaii as their relay point. Later they arrived in said country and drank coffee while Ryusui began to wonder if they had any other plans there.

While they were thinking, Sai and the others started working on the internet, but they couldn’t get a signal. Senku held out his hand to them and connected the cable.

From here, they managed to talk to Ginro and others online. They started a virtual meeting where they realized they finally had internet.

Ginro was glad they could finally say goodbye to using Morse code. This gave Kohaku the hope that now all science users in the world could communicate and work together.

Then Senku revealed their actual plan to build a spaceship, but they took a lot of materials to complete. With Chrome worried about its blueprints, Senku said they would put the draft online.

Would you succeed? Find out when Dr. Stone Chapter 219 will be released on Sunday, November 21st.