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Dr. Stone Chapter 196 release date

May 10, 2021

After nearly two weeks of hiatus, manga author Riichiro Inagaki is back with the final chapter of the Dr. Stone manga series. This new chapter of the manga occupies the main timeline of the Dr. Stone series. The first person alive after the second wave of global certification, Suika began living on her own while seeking a fluid of rebirth.

It is a bit lonely for a young woman who lives alone, but she has no choice because she will be humanity’s last hope. Dr. Stone Chapter 196 is just around the corner and if you are one of the fans waiting for its premiere, keep reading as we will give you some spices for the next chapter.

Summary of the previous chapter

Chapter 195 of Dr. Stone is titled “Treasure Hunter, Alone.” This chapter tells how Suika began to gather all her friends. The first petrified humans Suika encountered are Senku, Taiju, Gen, and Chrome. Suika continued to gather all the members of the Science Realm in one place. Due to the weight of each stone, Suika finds it difficult to collect them all. Fortunately, he found a wheel that he used to transport his petrified friends, including Kohaku.

Being alone is certainly a lonely feeling for a young woman like Suika. But she has to overcome those things or she will die alone. During her exploration, Suika finds the recipe to make Reanimation Fluid, suggesting that she will start working on science. Can you do it? We’ll find out in the next chapter of Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 release date

As part of Weekly Shonen Jump (WSJ) magazine, the Dr. Stone manga series was discontinued last week. This makes us wonder if there will be another hiatus until the premiere of Chapter 196. Fortunately, we will receive the new chapter of the Dr. Stone manga at regular times. According to the official announcement, Dr. Stone Chapter 196 will be released on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

For those who still don’t know where to legally read the manga series, they can turn to official distributors like Shueisha’s Viz Media and Manga Plus. While both sources are premium, they offer free access to the final chapter of the Dr. Stone manga. This means that you can legally read Dr. Stone’s Chapter 196 for free on the date listed above.