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DONGKIZ’s Jaechan has been accused of bullying female classmates since elementary school

March 14, 2022

Jaechan from DONGKIZ is now facing a major controversy about bullying at school. A netizen posted a claim on Twitter, supported by other users, confirming that the Semantic Error star was a school bully.

As Semantic Error wound down and fans clamored for a second season, some turned on Jaechan. He is said to have bullied schoolgirls when he was young.

Netizen A claimed via AllKpop that the 20-year-old star had been bullying her classmates since elementary school. He also teased other students, joined his group of thugs, and smoked in the classroom.

The revelation came with his elementary school and middle school graduation photos. But not only that, the netizen added that Jaechan also said that idol fans were pathetic at the time and he talked about other male idols before becoming a trainee in ninth grade.

The netizen even urged others to post a picture of him smoking and holding a wooden beam. Other netizens backed the claim, revealing that the LUPIN hitmaker was the most famous bully in his group and anyone who went to the same middle school with him knew it.

There are so many anecdotes to back up his bad deeds, one netizen commented. His hobby was bullying a younger one and taking turns.

This wasn’t the first time Jaecan had been involved in a bullying controversy at school. When he debuted as a member of DONGKIZ in 2019, an anonymous netizen revealed that he was a school bully and had a trash personality.

The netizen also claimed that he continued to post pictures of meeting different girls on social media even after becoming a trainee. He then left school.

Meanwhile, fans had been clamoring for Season 2 of Semantic Error despite the drama having a closed ending. What were Jaechan’s thoughts on extending the series?

He said via Soompi that there were many aspects to consider, but he would love to repeat the series if circumstances allow. He also believed that fans would love the second season more if it included sweet stories not seen in the first season.

Jaechan was also thankful to be part of the series and get to work with Park Seoham, calling their relationship intriguing. He believed her roles as a senior and junior in the K-pop world and his height had something to do with their funny banter.