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Does the professor die in Money Heist season 5 part 2?

December 4, 2021

As innovative and unpredictable as the plot of Money Heist has been over the course of the seasons, audiences were pretty sure that none of their favorite characters would be safe in the final episode of the Spanish series. This also applies to the professor or Sergio Marquina (Álvaro Morte), the undisputed leader of the cheerful gang of thieves that we have come to know and love. He is a criminal mastermind whose actions bring the economy of a first world country to its knees. Yet he tends to be guided by his emotions and has an unwavering moral code that helps him cope with the problems he and his crew face. If you’re wondering if the professor will survive in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2, we have the solution for you. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does the professor die in Money Heist?

No, the professor doesn’t die in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2. In the final scene of the series, he and his team are shown leaving the country in a helicopter. At the beginning of the second part of season 5, the professor copes with the news of Tokyo’s death. She and the professor had a close relationship, and her death fills him with almost overwhelming grief. Eventually he manages to control himself to pursue Alicia Sierra, who escapes from the crew with her child, and to convince her to become a full member of the crew.

While the team in the bank melts the gold bars, turns them into gravel and transports them through kilometers of pipes to the rainwater tank, Benjamin and his crew collect the gold, melt it again and turn it back into bars. An unforeseen difficulty arises when the authorities appear to find her hiding place. The professor decides to surrender because he doesn’t want anyone else to die for his actions. This turns out to be a mistake, however, and arguably the biggest mistake the professor made in the entire series.

It turns out that it was not the authorities who found her, but a competing group of criminals led by Berlin’s son Raphael and Berlin’s former wife Tatiana. Most of the gang believe that the gold will be used as a medium of exchange for their release from the clutches of the authorities. But then a member of Sagasta’s unit defused the explosives at all three entrances to the bank and allowed the military and police inside. The bank crew is then arrested.

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The professor then forges one last brilliant but desperate plan. He sends Alicia and Benjamin out to find the gold and Marseille to seduce the government into a pointless chase. When the robbers tell the world that they stole the gold with the help of their Pakistani partners, Spain’s economy is on the verge of collapse. The professor shows up at the bank and offers Tamayo a deal that will both win. Having no other choice, Tamayo accepts the offer. He promises to let the crew go in exchange for the gold.

However, the bars that the professor is returning to the Spanish authorities are made of brass. Somewhat mistakenly, the professor is referred to as a hero and compared to Robin Hood. Sergio is ultimately a thief. He comes from a family of thieves. He steals because he likes to do it and because he’s good at it. There is no altruistic purpose behind it.

While Alicia gets the gold back, Sergio forces Tamayo to agree to all of his terms. When the world believes the gold is back in the Bank of Spain, the country’s economy stabilizes. The crew is working with the government as their death is faked. Denver, who was arrested earlier, joins them. The professor and his team receive new passports with which they can leave the country and live a life in complete freedom. The government will never pursue them again, knowing that otherwise the brass bars in the Bank of Spain would leak and plunge the country’s economy into a new crisis.