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Does Red Notice have a mid-credits or end-credits scene?

November 12, 2021

In today’s world of franchise films, opening and closing scenes have become a means for filmmakers to let audiences know that while the film is over, the story continues. In Red Notice, Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds star three of the franchise’s biggest megastars and tell an extremely entertaining heist story full of action, adventure and twists. Now, if you’re wondering whether there’s a mid-credit or post-credit scene in Red Notice, this is your place to know.

Does Red Notice have a mid-credits or post-credits scene?

No, Red Notice has neither a mid-credits nor a post-credits scene. Although the film seems to have some sequel intentions, these are limited to the post-climatic scenes. Bishop (Gadot), Hartley (Johnson) and Booth (Reynolds) escape with the third Cleopatra egg from Interpol inspector Urvashi Das (Ritu Arya). Booth believes FBI profiler Hartley will arrest the bishop and he will finally become the best art thief in the world. But to his great surprise, Hartley kisses the bishop and reveals that they are partners. The bishop is actually a team of two, and the real name of the character portrayed by Gadot is Sarah Black.

It was a long and complicated scam for Hartley and Black. Fooling someone in their own industry wasn’t an easy task, but they did it masterfully. Hartley convinced Booth that he was nothing more than a tenacious lawman whose only goal in life is to catch criminals. And we, the audience, don’t question that assumption because we’re used to seeing Johnson in similar roles. So when the big reveal comes we’re just as surprised as Reynolds’ character.

Before Black and Hartley leave, they leave Booth handcuffed to a tree for Das. The movie could have ended here, but that would have been a pretty bumpy ending to what appears to be a triple game of cat and mouse. While the bishop duo is delivering the three eggs to the Egyptian billionaire and then cheating on him, Booth escapes custody and finds the presumably secure account in the Cayman Islands, where Black and Hartley the $ 300 million they received for the eggs , have saved, and gives Das the details.

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As Black and Hartley celebrate their victory on a yacht off Sardinia, Booth appears and announces what he has done. When Hartley checks the account, he finds that there is nothing to be found there. While Booth eventually emerges victorious, none of them have anything to show for. Booth then suggests that they work together on the next coup, which he explains will have the double payout and triple challenge.

Hartley doesn’t want anything to do with Booth, but even Black recognizes that the two men work exceptionally well together. She persuades Hartley, and the two agree to Booth’s terms. When Das and her agents finally reach the boat to arrest Black and Hartley, they find it empty. That then issues red arrest warrants for all three. Hartley, Booth and Black can be seen in the closing sequence in Paris, where they go to the Louvre Museum together, presumably their next destination.

Red Notice doesn’t have an end credits scene, but when the credits end, you can hear the voice of Bishop / Sarah Black pleading with viewers not to miss her too much. She said the same thing to Booth and Hartley before leaving them at the Russian. This is a fun way to end the movie, and it fits the tone of the movie perfectly.