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Despite having a number of drugs in her system, Anne Heche wasn’t high during the car accident, the autopsy report reveals

December 7, 2022

Hollywood has seen several deaths this year, and one of the most shocking and heartbreaking news stories is the death of Anne Heche. The late actress died after being put in a coma after a tragic car accident and after multiple claims about it, her definitive autopsy has finally been released.

The autopsy revealed that Heche had a number of drugs in her system when she was killed in a car accident in August. But despite her urine testing positive for cocaine, cannabinoids, benzodiazepines and fentanyl, she didn’t die of an overdose and wasn’t even high when the accident happened.

The Post received the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Report. It was later discovered that the fentanyl found in her body was given to her in the hospital after she received pain medication.

In addition, the coroner found that despite the drug cocktail, no evidence of interference from illegal substances was found at the time of the accident. It just means that she wasn’t high at the time of the accident that killed her.

Therefore, the coroner ruled her death an accident caused by inhalation and thermal injuries. Her sternum fracture and blunt force trauma also contributed to her death.

Sternum fractures are often caused by hits to the driver’s chest on the steering wheel, so Page Six. According to the coroner, doing so would result in a type of injury that would make breathing painful.

The toxicology report also states that Heche was trapped in her car for about half an hour before emergency services arrived and extricated her from the vehicle. Her car was already on fire by that time, and her clothes were almost completely charred.

In fact, 12 percent of the Spread star’s body already had second-degree burns. The right side of her face/neck, right shoulder, left upper chest and upper extremities were burned.

Interestingly added TMZ added that no alcohol was found in Heche’s system after a bottle was seen in her Mini Cooper before the accident happened.

The publication reported that the mother-of-two was seen on August 5 driving erratically through the Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles before crashing into a condominium garage.

She then backed up, sped away, and rammed another vehicle before crashing into another house and catching fire. Photos from the scene of the accident show her being placed on a stretcher.

She appeared responsive when paramedics got her into the ambulance. However, she later fell into a coma and never regained consciousness.

Heche was pronounced brain dead on August 11, which the coroner gave as the date of her death. After finding a suitable recipient for her organs, she was taken off life support on August 15. Heche was 53 years old.