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‘Demon Slayer’ Season 3 Update: Episode Number, Possible Release Date & Other Big Details Revealed!

April 5, 2022

After the short 11-episode Entertainment District arc, all eyes are on Demon Slayer Season 3. With the threats looming and the arrival of two Hashiras, Muichiro and Mitsuri, fans are now waiting to see when the new season hits screens.

It may still be a while before Demon Slayer Season 3 comes out. Knowing that the series has the best animation quality, it will still be some time before there is another installment that will amaze everyone.

Recent highlights state that the new season will consist of 12 episodes. Studio Ufotable is expected to continuously produce the third installment, which will be funded by Shueisha and distributed by Crunchyroll and Funimation.

It will adapt the Swordsmith Village arc this time, as the anime has faithfully followed the manga chronologically. Tanjiro will embark on a new mission to visit the Swordsmiths’ Village after damaging his sword again in the previous season.

He will try to get his sword repaired and hear about a legendary weapon. There he will meet the Mist Hashira, Muichiro, the Love Hashira, Mitsuri and Genya.

The four have no idea that they will soon face the most dangerous demons plotting to destroy the city. Although this story arc is said to have 12 episodes, it could end in as little as eight to nine episodes and be superseded by the Hashira training arc.

This could span two episodes and the final arc could have at least 20 episodes. Although no one knows what will happen after Demon Slayer Season 3, there will surely be another series of intense battles.

Meanwhile, with the arrival of the two Hashiras, fans will get to see more of their powers and abilities. Of course, in the new episodes, Muichiro will reveal his mist breathing techniques and viewers will have to wait and see how he will fight against the highest ranking demons, like comic book reported.

The Swordsmith Village arc will pick up right after the events of the Entertainment District arc. This means that not only Muichiro but also the Love Hashira, Mitsuri, will play an important role.

After the previous two story arcs, Mugen Train and Entertainment District, focused on the characters Rengoku and Tengen Uzui, fans will see Muichiro and Mitsuri in a whole new light. However, viewers can expect things to get more violent this time around after the Demon Slayers took down a member of Upper Moon.

This means the battles will be more intense as this time they will face off against much stronger members of Upper Moon. Demon Slayer Season 3 is expected to release in April 2023.