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Delayed release date of My Hero Academia chapter 319

July 6, 2021

My Hero Academia chapter 319 is on a weekly hiatus; let’s see the latest news. Deku has decided to act only because he is afraid of endangering other heroes or citizens. All Might is shocked that the boy he raised has grown into a man who can take care of himself. Deku tells All Might that he can protect himself and that the Pro Heroes don’t have to worry. The final chapter begins with a discussion between Endeavor, the number one hero, and Izuku. Endeavor tells Izuku that there are changes to his plans. The last chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “Reckless.”

Endeavor reminds Izuku to keep a low profile, or they could be in trouble since he’s been running lately. He also tells Deku that he is the key to their plains and that they can’t let him get caught. Izuku responds that he is doing well and that he cannot rest and let the bad guys run free. The young hero decided not to give the villains a chance to prepare. After the communications outage, One For All’s ninth successor talks to Deku and the other Quirk bearers, Izuku realizes that the ninth is still injured and needs to rest for his injuries to heal.

They both have felt something and they both turn around. At World of Remnants, the successors of One For All held a meeting to discuss plans for the next world. In the room, Hikage Shinomori, Nana Shimura, Daigoro Banjo, En, and Yoichi Shigaraki met to talk about the young hero Izuku Midoriya. The seventh user, Nana Shimura, is concerned that the child is carrying all the burdens on his shoulders. The fifth user, Daigoro Banjo, reminds the other manipulators that the boy knows everything about One For All.

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Updates

The meeting between the Successors continues, and Fourth User Hikage Shinomori says that One For All’s powers caused Deku to act according to his will. The Ninth adds that the boy wants to protect everyone like a superhero. Jan and the Sixth say that Deku is making the right decisions, and Jan believes that everyone who has owned Quirk: One For All will do the same as Izuku. The meeting ends after they notice that Izuku is in a fight with some strange villains. Izuku fights the bad guys who torture the citizens.

Izuku blocks the attacks of the baddies who attacked the lady and a nearby man. He attacks enemies using Blackwhip, and a young woman wonders how the young hero uses multiple quirks to fight baddies. The villains decide to flee because they are no match for the hero. Izuku asks the woman if she is okay, and the lady replies that she is not hurt. The citizens wonder how the young Hero can handle so many Quirks alone. The hero is asked if he is All For One’s subordinate, and Izuku replies that he is unrelated to All For One.

Successors of All for All

Izuku wonders what All For One is doing and where the bad guys can hide. Deku realizes that it is time for him to stop Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Izuku remembers the last time he met All For One, who told him that All Might’s time was up and that it was Izuku’s time. Izuku believes that no villain will hurt anyone if he gets 100% All For All. The young hero believes that by reaching 100% One For All, he will become the professional hero All Might, who was once the hero most feared by villains.

Izuku wants to live a peaceful life with everyone around him, and the citizens need not fear anyone. Later, he arrives at another place where he starts fighting with the bad guys. A strange man who looks like a villain seems to meet Deku. The man tells Izuku that Izuku is like “him” while standing in front of the All Might statue. The boy also said that Izuku is how “HE” described it. Izuku realizes that the man is the dictator. The Dictator is another hired sniper who escaped to Tartarus and another hired sniper.

The guy decided to shoot Deku because they promised him that he would win his freedom. His master told him that if he captured Deku, he would free him, and Izuku replied that he would beat him and reveal the existence of All For One. The citizens begin to fight Deku, who realizes that the Quirk makes the citizens attack him. . The villain uses Quirk: Deposit to control all the citizens around his position. Pro Hero Hawks arrives and frees Deku from the citizens who are trying to fight him. Hawks frees Deku by putting on his armor and tells the other professional heroes that he is with Deku.

Release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 319

The release date for My Hero: Academia Chapter 319 is July 11, 2021. You can read My Hero Academia for free and officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.