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Deadly season 3 release date

July 3, 2021

Mortel ”follows Víctor, Sofiane and Luisa, who seek answers to the disappearance of Reda, Sofiane’s brother. To do this, Victor and Sofiane reach an agreement with Obé, the god of voodoo, who grants them special powers. But they can only use these extraordinary abilities if they are very close to each other. Created by Frédéric García, the French supernatural series was first released on November 21, 2019.

The series received mixed reviews from critics. While most of them praised the series for the acting, storytelling, and music, some people expressed concern about the special effects. According to some critics, the genre seems to lack definition, as ‘Deadly’ oscillates between a supernatural series and a teenage drama. Despite these factors, the series has gathered a considerable number of fans among teenage audiences. Wondering if there will be a season 3? Let’s see that!

Mortal season 3 release date

Season 2 of “Mortal” premiered on July 2, 2021 on Netflix. The second season has six episodes that last 40 to 69 minutes each.

As for the third season, at the moment there is no news. However, it’s hard to imagine what the future holds for the series, given that its journey has been riddled with pitfalls thus far. Before Netflix entered the scene, the series had been rejected by several producers. Then after the season 1 premiere, the series was renewed for its second episode in January 2020. The streamer was reported to have reversed its decision and canceled the series shortly after. To everyone’s surprise, in May 2021, the trailer for Season 2 was released along with the announcement of the premiere date.

In several interviews, Frédéric García mentioned the possibility of continuing the show for several seasons. From the beginning, the creator of the series had at least three seasons in mind. Ultimately, the fate of the series depends on the demand of the audience.

The second season came after an interval of about 19 months. If there are no behind-the-scenes complications or production delays, the team could be gearing up for a new season in just over a year. So, if Netflix orders another series for fall 2021, we can expect “Deadly” season 3 to launch in late 2022.

The Cast Of Mortal Season 3: Who Can Be A Part Of It?

The main cast members are Carl Malapa (Sofiane Kada), Némo Schiffman (Victor Wanderwelt), Manon Bresch (Luisa Manjimbe), Corentin Fila (Obé) and Sami Outabali (Reda Kada). The other actors in the show are Firmine Richard (Elizabeth), Anaïs Thomas (Audrey Jourdant), Raphaëlle Agogué (Céline Wanderwelt), Marvin Dubart (Bastien Duponchel), Léa Léviant (Mélanie) and Stéphane Brel (Hervé). Since death is not final in this supernatural series, we may see most of these faces again. Some new actors could also join the cast if there is a season 3.

The plot of Mortal season 3: what is it about?

In the second season, Víctor, Sofiane and Luisa continue to search for a way to get Obé out of their lives. However, it seems that they are overwhelmed by events. In the last episode, Luisa convinces her grandmother to help her complete her initiation. Just after crossing the Lake of Spirits, Luisa meets her father, who tells her the three signs of the Evil One. Later in the episode, Sofiane convinces Victor to stab him so Sofiane can separate from Obé. Victor and Luisa realize that all three are the Evil One and help Sofiane survive her death. As the season draws to a close, the trio experience Power. Things take an unexpected turn when they are led to Audrey’s grave, where they hear a baby cry.

If there’s a third season, it could pick up the story where season 2 ends. Luisa, Victor, and Sofiane know Obé would do anything to save Audrey, but could that mean bringing her back to life? Even if it looked like Obé and Audrey were dead, we could see that things were going quite differently. There are many questions to be answered, which could be part of the eventual season 3.