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Dance Monsters Season 1: Where’s the Cast Now?

December 31, 2022

A dance reality show like no other, the contestants in Netflix’s Dance Monsters perform offstage while state-of-the-art motion capture technology transfers their movements to colorful and dynamic CGI monsters. While identities are kept secret until a contestant is eliminated, Season 1 of Dance Monsters introduces intriguing characters like Grummy, the mummy with incredible moves, the ever graceful marshmallow: Marsha, and the fun-loving hammerhead: Hammer. But now that the season is over, let’s take a look at the contestants and find out where they stand now, right?

Where is Najah Brown aka Flame now?

Najah mentioned that prior to participating in the show, she was never able to see the greatness that others saw in her. However, Flame has helped her develop confidence and shown her that she can show her strength through strength and vulnerability. After she was eliminated in Episode 7, Najah stated that she will always carry a bit of Flame as the monster helped her become a better version of herself. Although Najah was known as a dancer and had even auditioned as a backup dancer for famous artists, her experience with Dance Monster encouraged her to pursue the path of a professional. So Najah returned to her hometown of London after filming wrapped and is now busy honing her dance skills. She has also built a wonderful life with her loved ones and we wish her all the best in the years to come.

Where is Kevin aka Beti now?

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Kevin wowed the judges with his performances as Beti, claiming that he used to compare himself to others on stage, but Beti taught him to embrace his own specialness and see the power in his unique abilities. Although Kevin’s efforts failed in the semi-finals and he did not make the top four, the judges were quite impressed with his skills and encouraged him to keep improving them. Although Kevin currently prefers to maintain a limited social media presence, he explained that since leaving Dance Monsters he has explored different types of dance and challenged himself to develop new skills. He is also currently focused on contemporary dance and ballet and looks forward to using these as a stepping stone to the next phase of his career.

Where is Harvey Bass aka Hammer now?

Interestingly, Harvey was already famous before he appeared on Dance Monsters, as a TikTok dance video he recorded when he was 16 went viral, garnering him millions of fans on the site. At the time of filming, Harvey was just 19 years old. He impressed the judges with his talent and they agreed that he had progressed from an amateur dancer to a professional dancer. After completing filming, Harvey returned to the UK and is currently exploring new dance styles and learning new skills. Also, not only does Harvey upload incredible dance videos to social media, but he also loves to share the fond memories he makes with loved ones and we hope he stays happy for years to come.

Where is Taryn Shulak aka Marsha now?

A graceful and talented dancer, Taryn took the stage by storm, proving her worth with every performance. Lele Pons, one of the judges, was even brought to tears when Marsha performed in the semifinals, and although she was eliminated in episode 7, she received a thunderous standing ovation from the studio viewers. It will be interesting for readers to know that Taryn, who lives in Florida, is happily married to Jeff Shulak and they are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter named Blakey. In addition, the former Miami Heat dancer runs a dance academy and has several young students studying with her. On the show, Taryn mentioned that one of her main reasons for entering the competition was to show her daughter and her students that one should never give up on one’s dreams. It appears that Taryn and her family currently reside in Florida and we wish them all the best in the years to come.

Where is Tyler aka Chester now?

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When Tyler first came on the show, he introduced himself as a football player and claimed he didn’t know whether to choose football or dance as his future career. Tyler even explained that he’s always felt like an outsider in the dance world and opened up about his dream of appearing on the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Not surprisingly, Tyler’s performances soon spoke for him, and he made it to the top two before dropping out in second place after an intense dance competition. Although Tyler was still a student at the time of filming, he has since graduated with degrees in criminal justice and psychology. He also emphasized that Dance Monsters helped him discover his passion for dance. After deciding to pursue a career as a professional dancer, Tyler currently works as a teacher and choreographer at the studio where he grew up.

Where is Chris Matesevac aka Grummy now?

From the start, the actor behind Grummy seemed to have a larger than life personality that endeared him to fans. The judges were amazed by his incredible skills and mentioned that Grummy, aka Chris, was one of the few who knew how to pull off crazy dance moves and stitch them together into a complete performance. So it came as no surprise to anyone that Chris won the finals as a grummy and was crowned the winner of Dance Monsters.

On the show, Chris revealed that while he’s always been quite passionate about dancing, financial difficulties forced him to give up his passion and work in a museum. However, the Dance Monsters prize money has helped him get back to his dreams, and Chris mentioned that he won’t be returning to the museum any time soon. Chris currently resides in New York City and is happily engaged to Christine Sienicki. In addition, he has already started to become a professional dancer and has stated that he would use his platform to help others pursue their passions. It is truly inspiring to see Chris living his dream and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors.