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D. Gray-Man Chapter 241: Apokuri Foz to Alter Allen’s Memory?

August 7, 2021

D. Gray-Man Chapter 241: Apokuri Foz to Alter Allen's Memory?

In Allen’s memory, Innocence was first activated on Christmas Day when Manna died.

You can then save the resurrected mana as AKUMA and curse the mana with your left eye.

However, Allen’s Innocence was activated last time.

It’s weird isn’t it?

How correct is Allen’s memory?

Also, Apocryphos is saying right now that the sheep dedicated to the heart will soon be finished, but he is still executing the plan with Allen.

Apocryphos’s plan at the circus collapsed…?

Think about it!

D. Gray-Man Spoilers Chapter 241

If you are wondering what could be the spoiler of chapter 241 of D. Gray-Man’s manga, we bring it to you. Take the opportunity to read it: –

Apokuri Foz and the confrontation of the thousand years?

Is it not possible that Apocryphos saves Allen and the battle of Apocryphos against the Millennial Earl takes place?

I hope Apocryphos is deeply hurt here.

He may have been in hiding for a while to heal his body and did not appear in front of Allen until Nea’s erosion worsened.

And if Earl Millennium also had some altered memories in that battle and lost his memory with Allen, he might wink at Earl Millennium’s words and actions thus far.

Did you meet Allen somewhere early in the story? There may be a vestige of the lost memory.

In this battle, the Earl of the Millennium escaped wounding each other, and the battle was able to end in the middle.

Maybe everyone in the circus killed Apocryphos …

But if you manipulated your memory and kept it alive, you may know Allen now.

You may want to see Allen and Kojimo meet now.

Apokuri Foz to alter Allen’s memory?

Last time, Apocryphos said that the sheep dedicated to the heart was very close.

As it has been described that Apocryphos approached when it was activated, it can be expected that activating Allen’s Innocence will be one of the objectives.

I think it was Allen who killed the sheep = Mana, but a thousand years I went crazy. After opening the lid, Earl will never be resurrected. AKUMA. I think we have become a terrible result in which we will be paid as much as the curse.

As an exorcist, that is, like Allen, Apocryphos hopes to have to alter Allen’s memory in order to defeat Count Millennium.

If the Millennium Earl were known to be Mana, Allen would likely be reluctant to kill him. Therefore, the mana must be replaced by a memory of death and resentment towards the Millennial Earl.

In other words, the memory that saved the mana AKUMA- ized in the graveyard in volume 1 is a fake memory made by Apocryphos.

Manna’s words “I love Allen” and “Don’t stop, keep walking” may not be real words, but memories of lies fabricated by Apocryphos.

It’s painful to think like this …

D Gray Man Chapter 241 Release Date

The next chapter will be published in Jump SQ.RISE 2021 AUTUMN, which will be released in October 2021.