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Choi Si Hun controversy: Single’s Inferno stars settle dispute over former host bar

February 18, 2022

Single’s Inferno Choi Si Hun makes it clear once and for all what the controversy surrounding his host bar is all about. The model graced YOURVIBES magazine and revealed the story behind the photo that sparked his scandal.

Choi Si Hun is on the rise thanks to the success of Netflix’s single’s Inferno. But how does the 29-year-old star deal with it when fame comes with controversy?

The rising star became embroiled in a pub scandal after photos of him at the bar circulated online. He revealed it all started with a malicious comment intended to ruin his reputation, according to Koreaboo.

The comment quickly spread like wildfire. He explained that he took the photo at a car showroom as a part-time job and that the snap went viral on the internet in China with the caption Host Bar Player.

It even ranked first on Weibo. Choi Si Hun went on to say that he had a hard life back then, earning only 2 million won in two years.

That is why he gets angry every time he is slandered during this time that he has been through. It was after my explanation posts that the situation in Korea made headlines, he said.

He admitted he felt the need to explain himself after his denials, knowing the allegations were untrue. The reality star added his work ethic and personality by revealing his past as an drama student.

Choi Si Hun found that the problems were getting so big that he just couldn’t let it go. He wanted to insist it wasn’t true while people who knew him just laughed at it.

He is confident that he has a good life. He had several jobs back then, but never made bad performances.

In fact, he joined his fellow actors at the time and studied together to pursue his acting dreams. Thankfully, he’s now getting the attention he deserves after starring in Single’s Inferno, according to AllKpop.

In fact, he is famous not only in Korea but all over the world. Fans love him for his unbroken love for Song Ji Ah, who was also embroiled in a major scandal after it was revealed she was wearing fake branded clothes.

Speaking about his experience on the hit Netflix dating series, he said he wanted to enjoy the show to the fullest. When they knew they were trapped on an island, Choi Si Hun felt completely absorbed. He also brushed aside questions about his ultimate choice, saying he simply chose the person he wanted the most.