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Cher Engagement Rumors: Fans Think Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Has Already Proposed To The Pop Goddess

December 26, 2022

Cher and Alexander AE Edwards are probably ready to take their relationship to a new level. The couple are rumored to have gotten engaged recently after the pop goddess shared a photo on Twitter of a huge diamond ring that AE was holding.

Cher quickly sparked engagement rumors when she tweeted a photo of a huge diamond ring Edward was holding. However, she immediately denied the claims, saying she was only showing her boyfriend’s nail polish.

The music icon dropped the tweet on Christmas Day, captioning it THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER,AE As expected, fans went into a frenzy when they saw her post and thought it was a subtle engagement announcement.

One fan asked if the music manager had already proposed to her, while others questioned what the diamond ring meant. Many began to congratulate her, wish her luck and ask when and where the wedding would take place.

Cher, however, kept a low profile, posting another photo and explaining that she only posted it because Edwards’ nails are so cool. Amber Rose’s ex had his nails painted black and decorated with green flames.

But fans remain skeptical of the singer’s reasoning, questioning whether the jewel is an engagement ring or just an over-the-top Christmas present. Cher’s rep has yet to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, the 76-year-old spoke proudly of her boyfriend during her appearance on Kelly Clarkson last week. She admitted their romance was kind of ridiculous on paper, but very different in real life.

We get along great, she said. She then described Edwards as fabulous and swore that she would not give men qualities they did not deserve.

She then listed some of the qualities she used to describe her significant other, calling Edwards very kind, very smart, very talented and really funny. She also added that she thinks she’s pretty good looking.

Cher then opened up about why she prefers dating younger men to men her own age. She told Clarkson that she would never date if she dated older men.

She revealed that older men didn’t particularly like her and admitted that she had a few friends her own age. However, she realized that for some reason they didn’t want her.

The crooner found that younger men didn’t care if she was funny, cheeky, wanted to do silly things and had a strong personality. I won’t give up my personality for anyone, okay? she warned.

In November, Cher and Edwards first sparked dating rumors after they were spotted holding hands in public.