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Chainsaw Man’ Update: Fans Are Demanding A Full Anime Remake Ahead Of Season One Finale

December 26, 2022

Chainsaw Man Season 1 is nearing its end, but some fans are calling for a full remake of the anime series. A fan started an online petition, which is now gaining momentum. He demands that Studio MAPPA hire another animation director.

Although the success of the anime Chainsaw Man is undeniable, many are unhappy with the way the series has gone. After the penultimate episode aired last week, the petition, which reportedly has nearly 2,000 signatures, most of which are Japanese, began airing.

Ever since the news broke about the anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, it immediately became one of the most anticipated anime series.

It was heavily marketed and promoted, but compared to the manga, the anime did not fare well critically or financially. The fans, especially the Japanese ones, expressed their concerns about the animation, the sound, the cast, the color palette and the background music.

A Japanese fan with the username Kobeni’s Car started a petition through SportsKeeda to demand a complete remake of the Chainsaw Man anime. In a lengthy statement, the user explained fans’ demands, focusing on the aspects of the anime they disagreed with.

But will MAPPA still hear the cries of the fans when the first season comes to an end? The anime is now gearing up for its finale, promoting the final installment with a special new trailer showcasing the series’ greatest moments.

Fujimoto’s original manga was a huge hit with fans, so the wait for the anime adaptation was long. While there are complaints, MAPPA has done its best to live up to expectations and could do even better if the series ever gets a second season.

Since launching in October, fans have been waiting for the release of every single episode. Now, in a few days, the climax is approaching, because with the upcoming Episode 12 the first season will officially end.

comic book has found the finale to be a big deal for everyone who worked on the series at the MAPPA studio. So they’ve put together a special trailer to get fans even more in the mood for what’s to come.

It mainly focuses on Power and features some of her highlights from all 11 episodes. To see more of her and the other fan-favorite characters, be sure to watch the anime Chainsaw Man finale when it releases in Japan on Tuesday, December 27th. Crunchyroll will stream the final episode when it comes out overseas.