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‘Chainsaw Man’ Season 2: Will there be another episode or start a new season?

January 5, 2023

The Chainsaw Man anime adaptation ended the Katana Man arc. Now fans are wondering if Chainsaw Man has Episode 13 left or if Chainsaw Man Season 2 is imminent.

Viewers want to see how close public safety is to finding the Gun Devil. While Maki revealed that the meat she acquired has already started moving, she didn’t say where it is, suggesting more could be found in Chainsaw Man Season 2.

SportsKeeda noted that there is no episode 13 in the series after the first season ended with episode 12. MAPPA Studio has yet to determine whether the first 12 episodes of the series will complete the first season or just the first part.

However, the hints about the emergence of a new character, Lady Reze, suggest that it is a nod to the upcoming new season. That means Season 1 is officially over and MAPPA has likely started work on Season 2, which will feature Reze aka Bomb Girl.

Fans can expect Chainsaw Man Season 2 to adapt the Bomb Girl arc as Reze has his eye on Denji. She is the bomb devil hybrid sent by the Soviet Union to get Denji’s chainsaw devil heart.

It’s also possible that the second part of the series will focus more on the mysterious door in Denji’s dream. Nobody knows what this door is all about or what secret is hidden behind it. So, in the second season, fans could learn why Pochita is trying to stop Denji from opening the door and if it has anything to do with her past.

Also, Chainsaw Man Season 2 could tell more about Makima. Sure, fans are excited to see her on the small screen, but they can’t deny that there’s something mysterious about her that many want to know.

The season one finale ended with Denji and his team on the verge of finding the Gun Devil after defeating the henchmen known as the Katana Man and Snake Devil. A mysterious dark-haired woman then appeared who was believed to be the bombshell girl herself, Reze.

She was seen hopping around in a field of mice and asked Denji: Between the country mouse and the town mouse, which would you rather be?

When Chainsaw Man Season 2 is indeed coming, MAPPA has a lot of work to do as there are still many stories to be told based on creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga. The first season only covered about four story arcs. Therefore, the second season could also adapt the International Assassins arc in addition to the Bomb Girl arc.