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‘Chainsaw Man’ Part 2 Update: Shonen Jump finally announces the release of the sequel to Denji’s story

June 21, 2022

Fans will soon see Chainsaw Man Part 2 after Shonen Jump finally announced the release of the manga sequel. The manga went on hiatus for two years after the first part ended in 2020. Now Tatsuki Fujimoto returns with a brand new story about Denji and his best friend, the dog Pochita.

Despite the hiatus, Fujimoto has kept busy working on Chainsaw Man Part 2 and other one-shot stories. The successful manga series will also receive an anime adaptation, which is already being eagerly awaited.

Noisy comic book Shonen Jump made the announcement in Japan a while ago. The second part of the manga will be featured on the magazine’s digital page and will be published in different languages ​​for fans in different parts of the world to read.

Like the first half, the second part is expected to release new chapters weekly. As expected, fans are celebrating the news because the continuation of the story has been a long time coming.

Fans have been waiting for answers after the massive cliffhanger that left them hanging in the air for two years. Well, it looks like Fujimoto is again ready to explore the next phase of Denji’s story in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Screenrant added that the first part of the manga ended with chapter 97. He left fans with many unsolved mysteries and hinted at a new life for Denji.

Denji must take care of Makima’s reincarnation while trying to face life as a normal high school student. Compared to the earlier parts of the manga, the first part ended on a rather positive note.

Denji has fully embraced the chainsaw man’s role as a superhero thanks to Makima’s manipulations. He has already left the darkest pages of his past behind him, but something strange could happen again in the second part.

There could be more suffering, twisted emotions and nightmare scenarios for fans to see. The mangaka could also use this part to explore the nature of devils and hell, considering they were left on the sidelines to focus on the conflict with the Control Devil on Earth.

Meanwhile, Fujimoto is busy with other things besides the manga’s return. Following the success of his last two side stories, which became instant hits, he will be releasing a new one-shot this month.

Fans will soon see the release of Chainsaw Man Part 2 on July 13th.